#CleanUpCashOut Aborted Tech Guide

Upgrading of technology and gadgets is one such thing which has taken over the nation and everyone. We want to get the latest mobile phone with all kinds of feature from high pixel camera, fast processor, dual capability and so much more. The truth is that having the latest gadget has become the style statement for every user. People prefer to change their gadgets than upgrading one as it costs much less and also make our experience more efficient.
Technology race will never going to end as we are all destined to evolve you and lead the future. I am kind of person who few years ago had no information about internet and using these smart devices. It is wise to say that people from my generations have also evolved in learning about new way to communicate and exploring these devices to move along the present generation. This all effort made me curious to buy my first laptop and Nokia phone about a decade back. It was simple device which had dialling pad and four button keys. It was small and had music playing with a mini camera. I believe having that Nokia phone was my lifeline as I was moving from traditional landline to digital devices.
As the mobile technology moved forward and in another two years we had a big revolution of big and expensive phones. My phone becomes out of date and I decided to move bigger and better Nokia device. It was very difficult in those days about selling off my old device as there were not many online classified portals or any exchange offers. It was difficult task in finding the new buyer as I was afraid of giving to the stranger due to terrorist activities and using phones for wrong purpose. I went to my uncle shop to see if he can help me but no one was willing to keep the old model as there were not many buyers for it. It was then suggested by my husband that about making a poster for old mobile and pasting in the local market and in the community centre hall. I took the help of my brother who was good in animation and created a wonderful poster with all the details and beautiful original pictures of my smartphone.We made a creative ad and posted copies of it with our landline given at the bottom.
Now we had tick all the checkboxes and made the efforts for pitching our mobile phone and waiting for the prospective buyer to call us. This all reminded me about my college lecture of my teacher about selling and marketing from our course module. After positioning our product in the market then finally we had multiple calls from people in nearby streets and we were able to get positive response from them. One of prospective buyer turned out at our home and then we had good chit chat over coffee and biscuits about mobile phone. My husband also took interest in it and he further gave him device and offered him the phone for reasonable price. We wanted to have full satisfaction from buyer side and decided to give him phone to check and make calls plus click pictures too. It was then buyer agreed to purchase the device and as a matter of regard we gave him free phone cover with it. It was really a good transaction for both of us after mutual agreement.

Selling your old and trash gadgets is more simple and quicker now with so many apps and websites.There are exhange offers and festival offers are also there which gives to chance to buy new one.There is new trend which is started now for selling old gadgets with help of Cashify which has policy of on spot cash #CleanUpCashOut.They are authentic and give back good value of old products.



Steps to Sell your old phone through Cashify

a. Select the brand


b. Select the model


c. Answer questions about your smartphone.



d. Tell about overall condition


e. Get the quote and sell your device.

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Importance of Emotions

Relationship is a very complicated thing. And this complexity increases when one talks about that relationship which has love, care, jealousy, anger and comparison. I am talking of the most complex relationship of the world which is conditional under the barriers of unconditional love. Yes, if you get it right I am talking about the relationship that the siblings share.

This sibling love is really confusing because it varies from family to family, generation to generation and sometimes is so surprising that it can motivate you to complete the toughest job or sometimes de-moralise you to even fail in the easiest one. It happened to me too. It is a story which not many would know about as we are not the ones to socialize that much of our story like many others in the society. However, this is the best story I could ever dream of.

It happened when I was 10 years old. Me and my elder brother were going to the market. I must tell you in advance that me and my brother didn’t share a good relationship. It was just that we talked only about important things and didn’t interfere in our own daily lives. And then we were going to the market together because we were asked by the mother to bring in the 20kg flour packet which none of us could handle alone leaving no condition but to go together.

When we reach the grocery store we ordered the flour and then the store owner asked us for the payment which we then realized to forgot at home only. That was a pretty embarrassing moment for my brother as he made such a childish mistake in front of everyone. And then to handle the moment he angrily put the blame on me that he gave the money to me and I had forgotten them at home. I was left in a situation where I could have not said anything but could only stare his face.

That day I covered one of his mistakes and it made him feel special and then that day it was the first time that he brought a gift for me. I had a special affection towards good and costly pens but I thoroughly that my brother didn’t knew about it but surprisingly he bought a parker for me which I always wanted to use.It is such stories which happens in our daily life which shows the emotions and warmth in our  day to day relations which we want to carry forward in future.

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Life #MagicOfWarmth

This blog is devoted to the love of my younger sister who is very sweet. Now the time has changed. She is married and well settled in her own family and I am busy with my work here in my own city. But there is one thing that is still the same as we were 9 and that is our love that we share equally in our relationship. Let me take you to our past life. When we were small we used to have fights even on the smallest issues ranging from tv episodes to the extra samosa which used to left every time in the end when guests departed. I may forget everything else but can never forget that fight which we used to have on the TV remote right after returning home after school it was really a trouble for mom to handle. And so I remember that dad made this rule the one who snaps away the remote first would get an opportunity to watch the tv for half an hour and from that day onwards we started having the race to decide who will reach to the remote first after returning home.

Those were really nice days but now things have changed a little although we met almost every weekend but now we dont fight on small issues. Although now we  have some new characters in the story which play this fighting role. I am talking about my daughter and her son. As the old generation turns old the newer ones prosper and this scenario is so beautiful to be seen by our own eyes. We have seen our childhood and now we stand watching ourselves as adults and soon we may also see ourselves growing old when time would become restless and we will be sitting together on those chairs we used to play on but now sitting there waiting for the lives to turn off upon us.

People may say that death is a thing of great horror, people may say that they are affraid of the death but the reality is living a lovely life with my loved ones gives me far more strength that I can hug death and say I had have more than enough thanks for this opportunity we know as life.

Life is so beautiful if you have good relationships.With this I am signing out of this blog but not before saying “People are born and they may die, but never pitty the dead, always pitty the living.”

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Key to Heart Happiness

In recent past we have seen the destruction of nature and environment  over large scale and it has affected humans.Our life is more like a short race against time and we are under lot of stress and tensions from things which are earning money, fighting daily issues, playing different roles in the family. With increasing pollution and global warming,our body is affected and indirectly our main core system heart.I want to point out to all my readers that exercise and laughing aloud are primary solution and can lead to a healthy heart and you will be able to enjoy your life in a better way and indirectly stay healthy.In such a situation home environment plays a major role as we all see home is like a temple and family as everything for strong support and help.Good heart is only when we have good environment and stay happy.Joyful and smile on everyone face in family helps to good calm situation and your heart is normal.With mood swings and danger or UN-stabilized situation can make your heart beat at a faster rate and lead to heart problems.

We must be taking the proper diet and have right frame of mind to stat healthy at heart and mind.We all love to have food with taking extra ghee and butter which brings in heavy other fat content and not good for heart.This makes for good spicy flavour in food and that can be make the food tasty and good but can lead to less nutritional value to the food and to make it unhealthy.The best advice is to please make sure that you consume the right food which has good proportion of vitamins, rich in carbohydrates and other supplements essential for your growth and development.You need to make a habit to drink water after every hour  and be hydrated.You must avoid eating oily food which increases your heartbeat or cause problems to your heart.Anything which is done in exhaustive or addiction can sometime trouble your body or heart in particular.Natural remedies can be beneficial for healthy heart and you will be able to enjoy their life in a better way and indirectly stay healthy. You should have a balance in everything you do.Adequate rest and sleep of at least 6 hours a day is must and also an important thing and gives you energy to stay fresh and get ready for next day.

I wish now that you have a healthy heart and stay happy as that is the mantra to enjoy life.

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#ChhoteKadam Initiative

We all must take #ChhoteKadam every day which can make our life healthier and beautiful.All small steps can lead to a big change and can make you happy in life.Every decision no matter small or big affects our life.We need to start with small before taking high decisions.You must have things which give you a solid reason to stay in this world and love your life.You need to love enjoying every moment of your life with family and spending time with them to get love and happiness.We must respect our elders and discuss good and bad things and stay with them.We should avoid any fight and be motivated always in life.We should spread happiness and this will make us more happy in life.

Hard work and active nature is very much goes hand in hand.We must have some aim or goal in life and this must be in right pattern and followed by a morning routine and this helps to stay active and fit.A perfect routine should include a morning walk and doing yoga in open air to help you to relax and stay fresh all the day. This young generation is very much active on social sites and more inclined to web world and mobile has become their true companion.They are fully devoted to see their life status and friends activities online and do not give rest to their eyes and forget about the time or occasion and just stick their head to that gadget and start moving their fingers.We should put some restriction on these gadgets and try to use them in better way.We should visit our friends and family circle and still have enough energy left to play in the evening and go out to gym.We can indulge in swimming or some hobbies so that we can avoid being with technology every moment and forget about our health.

We all know the rising global warming thing and the dust in the environment, pollution and increasing adulteration and use of pesticides has really impacted my family health.Our body to fight against infections and diseases is not so strong and requires something more than regular diet.We must take mint and honey plus other herbs at regular interval or once in a day to keep our body strong and healthy.They act like antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties can help improve digestive system and help us to stay healthy.Instead of having oily food and beverages,we should have milk daily with fruits.This will be good for health and without any tension you will have healthy heart too.

“I am joining the Saffolalife #ChhoteKadam initiative in association with BlogAdda and follow these small steps for a healthy heart.”

Reviving Wishes and Dreams

Teaching is one profession which makes me smile and gives me inner peace in life. It is profession to share knowledge with everyone and get satisfaction. I like to teach from my school days and have taken professional qualification to become a teacher for students in secondary class and higher class. I can teach them different subjects and help to solve their problems and make learning fun. It was always my dream to be a successful teacher and though it could not be completely achieved but still I tried my best to beat all the objections and blockages to achieve my goals.

The journey of becoming a successful teacher after marriage was not very easy for me. I had to go through lot of emotional pain and hard work to clear all the barriers as I had to take my own responsibilities of new home as well. It was a tough mental challenge to play different roles from being a wife, mother and a teacher. There were certain stages when I felt giving it up my dream to teach students in the school and give something back to the society. Then I was completely surprised one day when my husband who completely understood me and gave me optimism and hopes to continue my job search and fulfil my dream to become a teacher. He took up the task to search job sites and newspapers and gave me directions about sending my resumes to different places and also makes a job profile on job portal website. His idea really worked for me and I started getting calls for my interview. It was very difficult for me to approach other family members about my vision to start going to school and do teaching job. They were against it but somehow my husband become my strength and motivated me to give interviews. With god blessing and confidence, I managed to grab my first job and felt very happy that my dream was fulfilled. This was really turning point of my career and I feel that my education has not gone waste anymore. Further morning prayers and teaching kids helps me to stay calm and brings joy in my life. My life is complete as I have teacher job in government school and also my family members are now proud of my job. I have seen my new family who have now given me resources, time and everything just to have freedom to teach and live my dream.

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Learning from #AdviceThatMattered

Everyone wants to fulfil their dreams but they don’t know how to do this. I also had a dream of becoming a very popular person. Many problems came in the way, sometimes I felt like leaving everything and moving normally as everyone else would do but then there was always something that motivated me. If you think positive in your minds, those positive thoughts will send some positive energies in the environment and according to Newton`s third law, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. When a person is motivated from inside to complete a task, believe me there is no power in this universe that can stop him/her. The second essential tool for achieving something big in life is “Never Stop Chasing Our dream”. I think it is the dream itself that drives the life ahead. When a person stops dreaming it is like he has stopped living his life. It is unfortunate to say but when a person stops dreaming either he is more prone to depression or either luckily he has achieved the key to wisdom that can only be achieved through completion of series of dreams. As far as the inspiration is considered you can be inspired by things around yourself but don’t believe on anything more than your belief in yourself because that is what you are and that is something which will take you to your dreams.

I cannot express my greatness to my friend who is always there standing behind me as a pillar to me. His advice is so much relevant at all times and gives me rime to withstand any kind of pressure situation and stay ahead in life. His advice to clear one paper while preparing for government exam really helped me very much. His advice to fitness during my overweight condition helped me to recover my body and come to normal category shape. It is extremely quite difficult when we are embarrassed by others for our personality and in such times friends are really helpful. He gave me strength to face this situation in a very easy way. I would take their criticism as blessing for myself after his advice. I hold him as my best friend to whom I could trust and say without any formality. He has believed in my work and taken it seriously than anyone else. I am blessed to have such friend who is more close to me after my parent and equal to brother. He is the person who I believe will stay forever to make me closer to my future dreams.

“I am blogging about my dreams and the people who helped make them true for the #AdviceThatMattered activity at BlogAdda in association with Stoodnt.”



My Perfect Vacation

Happiness is about being together with family and having a good time with them. I love to travel and visit different tourist spots across the country but one of the best memorable and perfect ideal trips this year has been the vacation with my family to Jammu and Kashmir. Our plan for this trip to heaven was made instantly much without any planning. It was my wish to visit the shrine in Jammu as god had blessed my child a good job in multinational company. His joining date was next month and it was perfect time to visit before his start of his career. Another reason to visit was to unwind from boring life and enjoy the beautiful landscape of Kashmir.

We booked our flights from Delhi to Kashmir by Domestic Airlines for four days trip after going through Flight Schedule of various flights to our destination. Our bags were packed and we were all set to board the flight through the Delhi airport domestic terminal. I took my digital camera and started to record our video of the whole journey before the plane was about to take off. It was my birthday on our travel date and so I got a big surprise when suddenly airhostess brought a cake for me and wished me a very happy birthday in-flight. There was big cheer in the cabin from co-passengers as my family gave me the big surprise gift almost thirty thousand feet above the earth surface. I really felt lucky to have such a sweet family.

Day 1

We reached the destination Kashmir in another two hours and weather was so cool and really pleasant. The first sight of Kashmir made me fell in love with it and suddenly the snow fall was like icing on the cake. Next we had a driver waiting for us who took us to our hotel as per the booking. We received a warm welcome with welcome kahwa tea which is famous in Kashmir and then got the keys to the room. In the evening we went to the local market and bought some gifts for our relatives from traditional artisans.

Day 2

Next morning we went to Dal Lake where we got the thrilling and live experience of buying vegetables from floating market. It was good to have a boat ride for few hours and see the greenery and birds around the lake. We boarded a houseboat and spend their eating lunch and enjoy the whole experience of hotel inside the houseboat. In order to add some adventure I took my son to Asthan Marg where we had life time experience of paragliding with my husband.

Day 3

We headed to Gulmarg which is famous place among tourists and took the Gondola ride. It was clear weather with snow around the hills. We could see tourists playing with snow and enjoying in Gulmarg.

Day 4

Last leg of the trip was directed to Katra in Jammu. We all went to the shrine by boarding the helicopter as it took less time and also it was something we had not tried before. We spent good time near the temple and thanked God for this family trip and all the happiness. Our return flight via Indigo Airlines to Delhi was direct flight and we landed back on time. It was good to be backing home and get back to routine life.

Be Responsible and #TaxPledge

Well the time has come again my friends for us to fill our tax returns and our contribution registered in the government database, yes it is indeed our contribution to the welfare of the country in form of tax so that the government can built new infrastructure like roads, bridges etc. and also enrol various schemes and proposals to make our country a better place in terms of its living conditions.Other benefits of filing income tax return is that you can get bank loan or international visa processed in shorter span of time.

The filling of ITR is very easy, all you need to have is your form-16 and ITR excel sheet which can be downloaded from income tax filling web site, so depending on the source of your income one can download ITR excel sheet from the web site and fill the excel sheet but make sure details entered in it are correct and relevant. The excel sheet has various features like validate data to check that all mandatory fields are filled also there is comment section in multiple fields which highlights what format to use in filling the data like date of birth have a specific format that it has to be filled in date month and year format also some fields have restriction that it does not accept incorrect data for example name cannot have numeric digits hence only alphabets are accepted.

Well after filling all the fields one needs to press compute tax button which will show whether a person has paid right amount of tax or not, in case tax paid is more than required than the excess amount will be refunded in the person’s bank account within few months and that too with interest so just click on generate xml file that will save a xml file on your system and same needs to be uploaded onincome tax filling web site after logging in with your PAN credentials.

Yes, that’s it fill your tax returns on time and make your contribution counted.

I’m taking the #TaxPledge to file IT returns with the easy Income Tax efiling option from H&R Block at BlogAdda.