The Power of Voice to Clean India

Right from the childhood days, our parents teach us to maintain good hygiene and clean ourselves. This involves brushing our teeth twice, groom ourselves in neat clothes, polish our shoes and cut our finger nails. In our school curriculum, we learn the lesson about cleanliness and how it affects our environment and its pros and cons. As we grow up and get more knowledge, logically we should take more care about our environment and be more sensitive but the opposite happens. We try to take natural resources for granted, we litter on roads, forget about the moral values and ethics taught to us by teachers. Our focus shifts towards earning money and fulfill our wishes without thinking about others. We try to overpower other and also do not care about traffic rules or police. This careless and disgusted attitude of people has caused more harm to India and its growth. We see that richer are becoming more rich and poor loosing outfit is found in recent survey that majority of poor people in India even do not have access to toilets and have no choice to defecate in open places. The government records show that work is being done only in their account books and nothing in practical. Corruption has spread like cancer in the country and it has affected middle class and low income people the most.

It is the need of hour that we all stand up whether we are poor or rich to fight for better governance and clean India. By clean India, I want new India which is having clean roads, access to public toilets, sanitation and hygiene education but also India which is having facility for free education for poor, free from corruption and other social issues which are dividing India. All this is nice to dream but in reality, it is very difficult task and requires joint public private partnership. We need to speak and rise to this occasion by creating awareness through social media, distributing pamphlets and talking with nongovernmental organizations. We need to change the mindset by treating everyone equal and not on basis of caste and creed. We all visit Haridwar or Varanasi once in life time for holy dip and offering prayers to god. I have made a pledge this time that whenever I bath in Ganga River, I will take part in cleaning Ganga drive and will not pollute it further. I also appreciate efforts for Swatch Bharat mission started by our government for providing affordable sanitation to all.

On similar notes,Strepsil has come to join hand with public and started   #AbMontuBolega campaign.It clearly sends the message that action speaks louder than words and has come up with innovative tagline Kyuki Bin Bole Ab Nahi Chalega.I urge all reading my blog to join them via Face book or Twitter and browse their website .With this campaign,Strepsil want people to keep their hesitation at bay and fight for social cause by raising their voice. The campaign has a strong message to clean India with aim to connect youth via social media.I can see many youngsters posting tweets or face book post appreciating their efforts.

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Visit their website for more details.

LUCKY 6 BY FAT CAT – Next Generation Games

Games are my favourite past time activity and everyone in my family loves playing it together. I am addicted games and can play games for hours until someone tells me to stop it or my mobile battery juice drain up completely.
Two days back, I came to know about a new style of gaming introduced on Indiblogger website, my favourite blogging portal. Being a hard core gamer, I accepted the opportunity and gave myself a chance to experience something completely new and crowd funded. This mobile game Lucky 6 is presented and launched by Fat Cat exclusively in India just few days back. The name of the game Lucky 6 itself tells you about that it something related to winning some prizes and gifts and something different from traditional forms of games like Crush Candy, Angry Birds and other famous games. This game is kind of lottery or contest like game with no fighting or adventure. The game is part of SHM Entertainment Ltd and involves selecting of six brands of your choice from listed brands. Once you list the brands, then you get a confirmation ticket and winner is decided on the game day. You can also watch about the performance and raking of your selected brand as comparison to other and about your chances of winning the game. The excitement is not yet over as the prizes are real in this game and you can win cash prizes, vouchers and holiday vacation for family at international destinations too.

Starting with my review about the game app. Lucky 6 takes just few minutes in completing the whole process and does not take much data on your smartphone.For downloading the game; there are plenty of options available and access to both android and even on apple platforms.

For downloading the game app, here is the link provided and you can follow the steps given below-

Lucky 6 by Fat Cat Gaming

Screenshot_2014-11-25-15-28-50  Screenshot_2014-11-25-15-30-42 Screenshot_2014-11-25-15-34-12 Screenshot_2014-11-25-15-50-49

It is so simple and not much registration forms or details to be filled in. Only the mandatory things like email address,your nick name and 5 digit code is required. I like the idea of having 5 digit codes instead of password as it is more secure and private. Once you are done with adding details, you just need to activate your account by clicking on link in your email.

Screenshot_2014-11-25-15-51-18 Screenshot_2014-11-25-15-52-14 Screenshot_2014-11-25-15-52-20 Screenshot_2014-11-25-15-52-36

Once you enter the code and email, you can assess the game app and start playing and be part of contest.The process involves very few steps and also there is live demo which guides you through the game. I like the game format as it is very much organised. Also there is chance to invite your friends to be part of it and challenge them. In comparison to other games, inviting friends does not increase competition but gives you more benefits. As per the game terms and conditions, it says that even if we don’t win, we still have some chance or reward if our friend wins the game.

Screenshot_2014-11-25-15-53-21 Screenshot_2014-11-25-15-53-49 Screenshot_2014-11-25-15-54-02 Screenshot_2014-11-25-15-54-44

There is dashboard on the left side and options to see about our selected brand rankings too. You can track your ticket and also about the status and timings of next game, overall this game is good and can be played within seconds with huge benefits and chance of earning money too.

You can visit their website to know more about the Lucky 6 and connect with them.

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Creating My dream 24K home with Porcelanosa

I have been living in my bungalow for years now and still feel everyday, I need to change something or the other in it. My expectations never end when it comes from home. It can either changing the interior design, layout of dining room, having matching sofa set, changing the curtains or paint on the wall. My home represents me and it looks give a brand image to people visiting or coming to see me and my family members. There are many occasions when we have kitty parties at home and sometimes guests arriving on festivals. I see first impression as last impression and our home decor is first thing for us and I always take great interest for making it look unique and beautiful. But still sometimes I feel jealous when I visit my sister house and then try to copy or buy the same stuff to stand up for the competition.

Thanks to Indiblogger today that I came across Porcelanosa Group which has come up into Asia for the first time with Kolte-Patil Developers Ltd. for their luxury brand #24KLiving ( to offer world class home products from kitchen, master bedroom and much more to create a lively home. I am going to take this opportunity to tell you all about my wish list for creating my dream 24K home with Porcelanosa today.

For me,an ideal home would require two master bedrooms with attached bathroom, a dining hall with kitchen and study room. I would have LED lighting with wardrobe and dressing room for keeping my clothes and valuable accessories in locker. There must be a shoe cabinet and enough space for hanging clothes. I like ceramic tiles for covering the walls as they are highly resistant compared to other material.


I would cover my both the master bedroom floor with Natural Wood floor finish. The reason being that they are easy to clean and also looks elegant yet simple.we have marble tiles in my home but I feel they get dirty very often and removing stains is very difficult and takes time to clean them. Also it offers less friction and very slippery.


Kitchen is most important for any women especially in India and we all need wide space and option of storing fruits and vegetables. I always want that my kitchen should be such that it is connected to my living room so that I can watch TV while preparing food daily. Also there could be a front table where everyone can sit together and I can serve hot food right from stove.


Next thing is bathroom. I would like to have attached bathroom with master bedroom but with all the spa facilities and bathroom equipments. My personality is such that I love to spend time cleaning and having long hours of bath in shower. Sometimes I take shower three times in a day when the weather is too hot in Delhi during summer season. But my new bathroom should not occupy much space. Music and phone facility with sliding doors could be added luxury for my new bathroom. In comparison to all the designs by Porcelanosa, I love Attica 9C+5 the most as it matches my likings.


I hope we can move to our new home soon and I can avail all these facilities.

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Toilet for Babli -Dream To Make New India

After my marriage when I shifted my husband ancestral home Rampur village in Uttar Pradesh. It was hot humid conditions of summer and at that time, we used to live in a bungalow and our means of transportation was cycle. My husband was still looking for job struggling at that time and used to help my father in law. There was nothing much in village and with no basic amenities like medical, roads or grocery shop. The worst part was that our home was located next to the railway station. Every morning, I could see people having a bottle in hand and going out in open to defecate near the railway tracks or waiting for train to stop in order to use the toilets. There were no public toilets and government local bodies had done nothing for developing the village. In one of instance a young girl was crossing the tracks to go to other side to defecate was hit by the train and died on spot. This incident raised the concern for the people in the villages that innocent girl could have saved her life if there was a toilet at her home. After the incident Pradhan decided to build a public toilet and raised point to be away from tracks. But building a single toilet could not solve the issue as it was not enough to cater village population.Villagers continued to take risk and go into bushes or cross the track for finding a place where they cannot be seen by anyone.

Few days later, my husband got job and we shifted our base to Delhi. Now twenty years have passed and we have moved to the national capital but still when we go back to our village to see our ancestral property, we find the things have not changed much and still people go out in open to relieve themselves. On the day of arrival, we came to know about an incident in the village that one girl was bitten by a snake and died while she was in the bushes to defecate. It raises a doubt in my mind why there are still no toilets in the village and how many more precious lives will be lost and small girls will have to pay the price for it. The toilets are need of the hour and basic human right. When we have public toilets, it will help to keep the roads clean, reduce the risk of diarrhoea and also ensure dignity of women.

Proper sanitation and hygiene is important for everyone to be fit and healthy. It is positive sign from our new Indian government with initiative to build toilets in school with help of many multinational companies as a part of corporate social responsibility. This will certainly help in creating awareness and help poor people who cannot afford to build toilets.For this support,Domex has also come forward and set up  #ToiletFoBabli campaign and asked for public participation.

I have done my part by contributing in this campaign and I would ask everybody to support Domex  #ToiletFoBabli initiative. All you need to do is “click” on the “Contribute Tab” on and Domex will contribute Rs.5 on your behalf to eradicate open defecation, thereby helping kids like Babli live a dignified life.


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A healthy child makes a happy home

My home is my temple and my family is everything for me. In my family, I have my lovely husband, my cute son and my mother in law. Every day I pray to God that there is peace and harmony in the family and wish for their good health and happiness for all. It feels so awesome when my son is playing away with his friends outside or when at home, running all around the house. His notorious crimes and thousands of questions which he asks me and everyone and keeps us on our feet searching for the answers. I can see the smile on everyone face when I see my son happy in family.

Image075 Image085

Our life is full of stress and tensions from earning money, fighting daily issues, playing different roles in the family. All this takes a big toll on our lifestyle but one smile of our son keeps me and my husband going. There are times at home when I and my husband thoughts do not match and we often get into quarrel. This all causes disturbance at our home but we make sure that our child stays away from it. The true fact is that in our home fights, when my son enters into room, we try to change the topic or move out. I would say that somehow he helps us to stay calm and keep the family together. Also my mother in law who is suffering from liver problems for quite some time feels that her grandson is big force of motivation for her to live for another ten years and so want to see him grow and be a successful person.

For me, my morning starts early in the morning waking up to fill the water tanks so that our daily requirement of water is complete. I figure out it as my duty that I make sure we all intake healthy diet with sufficient nutrients. As my son wakes up around 6 am to get ready for school, I try to prepare Tiffin box which includes fresh salad with green vegetables and a sweet for taste. I give my kid milk daily with Horlics and banana. And when he comes back home, I give him fresh fruits to eat with juice. The main point for me is my child remains fit and does not get tired after six hours of school and still have enough energy left to play in the evening and do his homework and still remain happy.

As a mother, I try to support him for everything which is right and motivate him to give his best. Giving love and attention from parents is most important thing in the child. Other factors important for a healthy child is believing and trusting in child. But even after caring so much about him, when there is change in seasons, he sometimes fell sick and misses his school. I feel the dust in the environment, pollution and increasing adulteration and use of pesticides has really impacted my family health and my child in the worst way. His body to fight against infections and diseases is not so strong and requires something more than diet and love. I am happy that there is presence of Dabur Chyawanprash which help to cope infections with its anti oxidant properties and has more than 40 other natural ingredients. We have made a habit at home for everyone to intake Dabur Chyawanprash after dinner instead of eating sweets. Being a mother, it will definitely help your child to live a healthy life.

I will end with “HEALTH IS WEALTH”,so be healthy and be Happy always!

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Life without equipment

I am bit fond of technology, mobile phones and gadgets. Earlier from my childhood period, me and my brother would sit together and play video games for hours and at that time, we were so engaged in it that we would forget everything else. Mom used to call us frequently to take a break and have some lunch but we would just could leave it. Technology has just become so advanced now and now games are integral part of my life. This can be in form of computer games, smart phone games and consoles. It is not about games but gadgets too.


In today scenario, I cannot imagine my life without using smart phones and feel lonely if I have not connected to my social feed on face book or twitter and on other hand checked my emails or sent message via whatsapp or viber like applications. Few days back I wanted to test my patience and then decided to keep my Smartphone to my cupboard and try to push myself back to social life and connecting with people in real life. My first day was scary for me and I could help myself for even 2 hours and I had to again restart my phone to check my live feeds. As I tried to test my patience, I deactivated my face book account and rather tried to deviate my mind to things I can do without using technology at large. I continued to test myself for a day, second day and tried to hold myself best three days only. But at the end of this experiment I was happy that in those three days, I felt more relaxed and prepared some good delicious food from cook book and also able to give water to my plants in my home garden.

Now on the other side of it, I missed wishing my friend happy birthday on her timeline and also her birthday party which I could have attended it. On my shopping, I missed important deals and discount coupons plus missed the e-commerce various offers which may not come again. I felt my life complete nightmare and as if there was nothing to do much in life. I felt less organised and cut from whole world. So post three day I analyzed that technology is essential and cannot be left or become obsolete from our life and main component of it.

The best we can do about it is to try to balance our life in the right way to make sure we have time for everything.

5 Most -Memorable Moments

In everyone lives, there are certain occasion or life changing moments which are always special and hold important place in your heart and remembered throughout till we die. This could be anything from your marriage, your first job or first baby and much more. For me, these moments are very special and some of them are from era when we were derived of latest technology and were without smart phone or digital cameras. I wish I could capture them all and place it with me but still I am lucky, my father had black and white camera which could help us to have something then nothing. From the childhood to getting adult single to being married and having children and much more, here are 5 most memorable memories –

Getting married

This was one of the most happy moments of my life time when I got married and still remember that special day and going to my new home.


Our first baby

Yes, I am so excited about it in those days and it was moment when you realize your responsibility and enjoy being called a mom. Getting my small kid ready for school or playing with him. Everything with him was special.


Being a Teacher

I always had dream of getting a good job and being a teacher to help young boys and girls to learn different subjects and help them. I got my first break early but could not carry it for many years due to family responsibility and my parent’s health.

Buying first smart phone

I love technology and the way it makes our life very easy and help us in so many ways. Technology like mobile phones helps me to connect with friends and relatives and share my moments with them. My first Smartphone from HTC was very cool and advanced. I have clicked more than five hundred pictures with it till date.

Learn to drive my own car

My husband always motivated me to drive our car Alto but somehow I was not keen of learning it. I felt it was very difficult to drive but one day finally I decided to learn how to drive it and today is the day when I drive the car either to drop my kids or need to attend some party or go for shopping to mall. I feel more secure and free when going out in my car.

It is great to have such moments in life. I hope everybody have unique experiences and life turning events in their life.

Entering My new home

Graha Pravesh is very important ceremony for entering into your new home and in our traditions, it is considered as very important ritual and there are so many things to be taken care of before started living in. Back past few years ago, our family was growing and my son needed a bigger room, I needed some personal space and parents in law found it really difficult to live in small rooms without many facilities like doctor clinic or garden. The life took a standstill and my husband office was very far and it took him more than two hours to reach his office before he could even start his work.

So finally one day, we all decided to take a home loan and repay it in future time and let’s move in bigger property and into an area which is close to Delhi region and also centre of the city with all the facilities like hospital, market and adequate supply of water and electricity.

After searching for months, we finally found a villa and which was under our budget and capacity. I like the villa made in western style with 3 bedrooms and one dining room and enough space to park 2 cars. We finally made a payment and rightly made a move to live in new house. But my parents in law suggested and explained us about Graha Pravesh Mahurat which was a ritual and important for peace and harmony before entering the new home.

After discussion with family Guru and based on his astrological calculations, we made an arrangement for Greha Pravesh Puja and also to celebrate this big moment, we called our close friends and relatives. We printed cards similar to wedding cards and sent to all who were invited for this special day. My husband arranged for a Pundit who helped Guru Ji during this ceremony.

100_0446  100_0436 100_0408 100_0392 100_0378 100_0407

The ceremony was performed as per the procedures and mantra chanted by our Guru in front of fire known as house warming ceramony.After the Puja, we broke a coconut at the doorstep and then everyone invited was served with Indian traditional food and prasad.Everyone felt happy for us and we felt pooja really helped in removing negativity and all fears from the house and brought peace, luck and fairness in the house. After the ceremony, my son had arranged for small party and music function. We really enjoyed dancing together and celebrating our new home entry in big way.

Now five years have passed and we feel like it is still our new home and every day we love to keep it cleaner and try to make it more beautiful. For me, my home is my temple and my family is everything for me.

Summer Vacation in GOA

I will remember my goa trip which is the best trip so far I have experienced in my whole life time. This trip was very special to me and included everything from adventure, excitement, emotions and having leisure time. The trip could be something compared to the one in bollywood films and gave me freedom to enjoy my life as I wanted.

It was second time I was in goa. The first trip was my school trip when I was in class 8 in senior secondary school. As I landed in Goa, I recollected some of my school memories and try to figure out the places and beach where we had a lot of fun. All I could recollect visiting Christian church and cathedral. Also one of the south goa beaches and having dinner near Goa beach side restaurant. The trip started with long drive in GOA cab taking me to one of luxury resorts in Goa at Radisson hotel. This time the purpose of visit was attending my husband colleague daughter wedding. I was really excited to see beach side wedding and it was something unique which I had never experienced in my lifetime.

As we reached hotel, we were greeted with great hospitality and drinks. Then my husband had good talks with his friends at the hotel lobby and soon we got the keys for our room. The room was very simple but very comfortable with all sorts of facilities from wireless internet, TV, Air conditioner, Security lock and hot/cold water facility.

After sound sleep at night, next morning, me and my husband decided to rent a car and went to North goa beach. It was so cool for me when my husband asked me to drive the car. I felt so happy about it and really it was great driving experience for me with so little less traffic on roads and people here had good traffic sense. I could see more two wheelers on road than four wheelers.

IMAG0095  IMAG0110

After 2 hrs of sightseeing Goa, we came back to our hotel and then got ready for morning breakfast with other people who came for attending the wedding. It was nice to see various cuisines from North India and special South Indian dishes like Idli Sambhar, Dosa and much more. After heavy breakfast, it was time to relax and we went to ball room for some musical function and there everyone got a chance to sing their favourite songs and dance with each other. Later at night, we came back for wedding ceremony which took place in bigger hall. It was really nice to see the beautiful couple getting married. Next morning, we greeted the couple and checked out of the hotel. Thereafter we went to nearby church for thanking God for this awesome trip. Then my husband wanted to shop for some local beer and cashew nuts, so we walked to market area. We bought colourful dry fruits and Goa famous fenny for our relatives. By 2 pm we were done with everything and went to airport to catch the evening flight to Delhi.

IMAG0131 IMAG0132