Varanasi Ganga Holy Tour

Last year in November, I and my family decided to visit the holy land of Kashi popularly known as Banaras and Varanasi. We had thought about this trip about the same time when my great father passed away one year backbit was his wish that he wanted to have holy dip in Ganga river chanting “Har Har Mahadev ” and worshiping Ganga river but unfortunately we lost him due to his medical problems and lost to fight again cancer. It was Diwali time and we thought it as perfect occasion to see the decorated temples and lightings around Varanasi.

We had two families with us and so decided to hire a mini bus capacity of 14 seater.It was my family comprising of 5 members and my cousin family of four and my two cousin sister with us. With my entire luggage packed in the morning, we told the driver to my cousin house in Delhi near Ashram Chowk to pick them up .It was good to meet each other as they joined us for Kashi journey. During the journey, we started with morning prayers from great singer chanting Jai Mata Di and then later switching to religious songs. My cousin sister brought morning breakfast of Indian bread with stuff potato filling and mix vegetable for us. Around 10 am in the morning, we had good delicious breakfast and then we all dozed off for 2 hrs sleep in the mini bus. While around 1 pm, we insisted driver to have some rest and tea break. Right on the highway, around 120 kms before Varanasi, we all stopped at small local restaurant on the highway to have lunch and cup of tea.

We crossed Allahabad around 4 pm and reached Varanasi around 6pm.Our first stop was directly at Ganga ghat for evening rituals across the Ganga River and visiting the famous temple near the main Ghat.Later we had simple dinner at local restaurant and went to Dharamshala for night stay.
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Next day, early morning we all went to have holy dip in Ganga River and then a boat ride with family members. During the boat ride, I really got emotional and started to cry remembering my father but my family consoled me at the right time. No one can take his place in this world and I would dedicate this trip to my father. Later in afternoon we had some shopping for our friends and headed back to our home in the evening.

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