Kashmir- My Favorite Heaven in India

Jammu and Kashmir is always special for me and I have connection with it from my childhood days. My father used to visit every year to Katra for offering his prayers to Ma Vaishno Devi and used to walk barefoot up to the shrine. It was really a very difficult journey and included thousands of footsteps till reaching the top most point. I was lucky twice to get opportunity to travel with my mother and family members to travel to Jammu and Kashmir and Katra. Slowly and steadily, my father health deteriorated and his frequency of visit declined from every year to once in three year.Later, it was not possible for him to walk and hired ponies and it became too difficult and so we decided to use helicopter once. Then was the point, we visited Katra last time.

After so many years after my marriage, my husband finally decided to take me to Srinagar with him for a short vacation with family. For me, first thought was to visit Katra but unfortunately, there was no time left as my husband had to report back and his leave was accepted for 2 days only. Our booking was done by our travel agent and we travelled via low cost airlines and booked five star resorts in Pahalgaon Hotel name Heaven.

IMAG0326 IMAG0332 IMAG0389

After reaching Srinagar, I could see the difference in temperature from Delhi up to 20 degrees celcius.I quicky took out my full sleeve clothes and first thing I bought was kashmiri shawl near our hotel shopping complex in Srinagar. We had one day stay in Srinagar and went to nearby garden, then heading to Avantipura temple and then to Apple farm. The Kashmir fruits are so fresh and full of juice. I can really see the difference myself while consuming Kashmir apple. I bought 10 kgs of apple for my cousin brother as gift.

IMAG0461 IMAG0532
Further we went from valley to hilly place covering Anantnag and Pahalgaon.In Pahalgaon, we visited ancient temple where sulphur water is present and it is natural coming from the ground. Then we went further to travel up the hills to Baisharan valley and there we found many tourists traveller including foreigners clicking pictures. I really loved spending time with family and having Kashmir cuisine with Kava special tea. I wanted to spend more time but with limitations, we headed back to Delhi next day. Overall, I enjoyed my journey to this  heaven and paradise on earth.

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