My Sister 25th Wedding Anniversary

Certainly time flies with flash of seconds as I try to remember the day when my sister was sitting in front of mirror and getting ready and I was trying to make sure her saree and make up matches and she looks like miss universe. Her wedding was kind of emotional moment for me as I we had shared so many memories together and our childhood notorious moments plus much more. There was time when I used to do her homework and she would give me her chocolate and I used to give her my jewellery box and much more to it. It was arranged marriage within the family and it was tough time for her to adjust in new surrounding and live in other city. I felt if I could go with her and live with her as it was first time she is going from home and that too for lifetime. My tears could not stop at the time she was leaving but somehow I manage to keep myself happy and bold.

As I blog about my shy sister and her marriage, we received an invitation with all family members to visit Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh for special occasion of celebration of twenty five years of their marriage and still going strong. My mother and all in the family were completely surprised by the invitation and could not even recollect that they were going to complete 25 years together. My mom decided to make it special for them and we brought a gold ring for my sister as a surprise gift and I bought a check peter England shirt and trouser for her husband.

On the day of their anniversary, we hired Indica car and went to Bareilly in the morning for attending the special function arranged in banquet hall. We came to know that around fifty close relatives from either side of family were invited to meet and greet each other for dinner. In the evening, as the party started and guests started coming in, I could see my sister really happy with her kids. Then they both cut the wedding anniversary cake which was ordered by her mother in law and attain her blessings.Furthur there was exchange of garlands as it was done during their marriage.

100_2353 100_2329 100_2343 100_2382

Everyone greeted the couple and gave them gifts with wishes for their lifelong relationship. Then the music started and everyone entered the dancing arena with glasses in hand and shaking their bodies. Later around 9 pm,dinner was served and we all chatted with each other about the marriage day and present occasion.It was great to meet each other and next day in morning,we came back to our home with sweet memories of my sister marriage anniversary.

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