Nainital Memories with Friends

Nainital trip with my school friends will always be special as this was the first time I was travelling with my small little cute son. This journey was full of fun and I was very happy to take my son along on his first trip out of home town. During the trip, we clicked so many wonderful photos together and also with us were many kids so it was good company for my son.
The preparation and plan for the trip started when everyone had assembled at my home and we were all having dinner together. The occasion was very special as it was the day; my husband got his first promotion in his job. I feel our son was a lucky charm for the family as when he entered our world, things changed for us and we moved from rented house to our own house. Also my husband promotion which was long due and our savings increased with times.

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As we were having gala time at dinner table and engaged in jokes with each other, suddenly one of my friends Rachna told me that only dinner will not do for such a big promotion, we need a grand party and celebration. So everyone joined her and started to shout “Party! Party!”As I had no choice and so agreed. Then Rachna further told that this party will happen at some other location and not my place. Then from round the corner table, Sunil said “Nainital”.First I was surprised about the location and then we all settled to make a 3 day trip to Nainital in that year on summer holidays. At that moment I was a teacher and thought it was perfect as I will get my days off.

All set and ready, we went to Nainital as it was scorching heat in summer with hot air blowing everywhere. We hired two taxi van as that time and enjoyed our way to Nainital.During the journey, we stepped many times to play cricket, rest at dhaba and click photographs with black and white camera. When we reached Nainital, we booked a 3 star hotel which was not much costlier at that time and we lit a camp fire in the garden and enjoyed each other company. I was really happy enjoying the natural view and coldness in the air. Next morning, we went to the Nainital Lake for riding in boat and later my son had a horse ride. Then in evening us all ladies went to market for buying local stuff and had fast food and snacks. It was really great trip with social bonding with each other. I do miss those trips very much now as now we all are busy in our world and are more connected with whatsapp and viber world. Wish those good times come again and we all friends enjoy together and make a trip back to Nainital.

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