Summer Vacation in GOA

I will remember my goa trip which is the best trip so far I have experienced in my whole life time. This trip was very special to me and included everything from adventure, excitement, emotions and having leisure time. The trip could be something compared to the one in bollywood films and gave me freedom to enjoy my life as I wanted.

It was second time I was in goa. The first trip was my school trip when I was in class 8 in senior secondary school. As I landed in Goa, I recollected some of my school memories and try to figure out the places and beach where we had a lot of fun. All I could recollect visiting Christian church and cathedral. Also one of the south goa beaches and having dinner near Goa beach side restaurant. The trip started with long drive in GOA cab taking me to one of luxury resorts in Goa at Radisson hotel. This time the purpose of visit was attending my husband colleague daughter wedding. I was really excited to see beach side wedding and it was something unique which I had never experienced in my lifetime.

As we reached hotel, we were greeted with great hospitality and drinks. Then my husband had good talks with his friends at the hotel lobby and soon we got the keys for our room. The room was very simple but very comfortable with all sorts of facilities from wireless internet, TV, Air conditioner, Security lock and hot/cold water facility.

After sound sleep at night, next morning, me and my husband decided to rent a car and went to North goa beach. It was so cool for me when my husband asked me to drive the car. I felt so happy about it and really it was great driving experience for me with so little less traffic on roads and people here had good traffic sense. I could see more two wheelers on road than four wheelers.

IMAG0095  IMAG0110

After 2 hrs of sightseeing Goa, we came back to our hotel and then got ready for morning breakfast with other people who came for attending the wedding. It was nice to see various cuisines from North India and special South Indian dishes like Idli Sambhar, Dosa and much more. After heavy breakfast, it was time to relax and we went to ball room for some musical function and there everyone got a chance to sing their favourite songs and dance with each other. Later at night, we came back for wedding ceremony which took place in bigger hall. It was really nice to see the beautiful couple getting married. Next morning, we greeted the couple and checked out of the hotel. Thereafter we went to nearby church for thanking God for this awesome trip. Then my husband wanted to shop for some local beer and cashew nuts, so we walked to market area. We bought colourful dry fruits and Goa famous fenny for our relatives. By 2 pm we were done with everything and went to airport to catch the evening flight to Delhi.

IMAG0131 IMAG0132

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