Visit to Magic Kingdom of Dreams,Gurgaon

I am not obsessed with movies, entertainment or leisure activities and instead in my free time, I try to relax at my home and be social with family friends and relatives. I love teaching and sharing knowledge. But one day on Sunday afternoon, my son gave me surprised and told me that we are going to sightseeing and enjoy something which you have not witnessed as ever before. As he was driving the car, I kept on thinking about which place it could be and why it is so special.

He kept me guessing with flora,fauna,different states and so on but I could not figure out much out of it. Until I felt disappointed and he finally asked me to see the times of India newspaper kept in the back of the car. As I started to look, he told me to check Delhi times and there was big full page advertisement of Kingdom of Dreams. On the first look, it seems to me a big theatre with Indian ancient stories. But as I read furthur,I came to know about culture gully, Zangoora show, Kishore Kumar Jhumroo melody show and different states cuisines.
IMAG0202 IMAG0203

Around 7pm, we reached Kingdom of Dreams and we bought tickets to Zangoora show with culture gully entry. I was really excited to see such a beautiful work of art at the front gate and once I entered the main area. We quickly went to our seats and waited for the show to start. As it began, I could not believe my eyes watching those professional dancers performing in the air without any fear of falling down. The live show could not be captured as mobile and camera were not allowed inside. The show ended with Hussain as hero becoming the king and it was a perfect stage drama.

Then we all set to enter the culture gully. As I looked up the sky ,I felt it was morning time and there was change in lighting conditions. It felt as if everything was real and out of the world. Then we went to explore and discover different state items which included local arts, artifacts and their creations. There were also several dance performances by different states in their local language and performance in their traditional dresses.

IMAG0206 IMAG0207 IMAG0215

I really enjoyed a lot with my family and we had dinner at Punjabi restaurant sitting on wooden table with light coming from the lamp. Then after the dinner, we went to Mumbai state where we bought some Mumbai based tees and for my son, I bought Mumbai swag. I wanted something to carry for my home, so bought Buddha statue from North east stall.

It was really great to enjoy and I would recommend everyone to visit this place in Gurgaon for once in their lifetime.

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