Entering My new home

Graha Pravesh is very important ceremony for entering into your new home and in our traditions, it is considered as very important ritual and there are so many things to be taken care of before started living in. Back past few years ago, our family was growing and my son needed a bigger room, I needed some personal space and parents in law found it really difficult to live in small rooms without many facilities like doctor clinic or garden. The life took a standstill and my husband office was very far and it took him more than two hours to reach his office before he could even start his work.

So finally one day, we all decided to take a home loan and repay it in future time and let’s move in bigger property and into an area which is close to Delhi region and also centre of the city with all the facilities like hospital, market and adequate supply of water and electricity.

After searching for months, we finally found a villa and which was under our budget and capacity. I like the villa made in western style with 3 bedrooms and one dining room and enough space to park 2 cars. We finally made a payment and rightly made a move to live in new house. But my parents in law suggested and explained us about Graha Pravesh Mahurat which was a ritual and important for peace and harmony before entering the new home.

After discussion with family Guru and based on his astrological calculations, we made an arrangement for Greha Pravesh Puja and also to celebrate this big moment, we called our close friends and relatives. We printed cards similar to wedding cards and sent to all who were invited for this special day. My husband arranged for a Pundit who helped Guru Ji during this ceremony.

100_0446  100_0436 100_0408 100_0392 100_0378 100_0407

The ceremony was performed as per the procedures and mantra chanted by our Guru in front of fire known as house warming ceramony.After the Puja, we broke a coconut at the doorstep and then everyone invited was served with Indian traditional food and prasad.Everyone felt happy for us and we felt pooja really helped in removing negativity and all fears from the house and brought peace, luck and fairness in the house. After the ceremony, my son had arranged for small party and music function. We really enjoyed dancing together and celebrating our new home entry in big way.

Now five years have passed and we feel like it is still our new home and every day we love to keep it cleaner and try to make it more beautiful. For me, my home is my temple and my family is everything for me.

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