5 Most -Memorable Moments

In everyone lives, there are certain occasion or life changing moments which are always special and hold important place in your heart and remembered throughout till we die. This could be anything from your marriage, your first job or first baby and much more. For me, these moments are very special and some of them are from era when we were derived of latest technology and were without smart phone or digital cameras. I wish I could capture them all and place it with me but still I am lucky, my father had black and white camera which could help us to have something then nothing. From the childhood to getting adult single to being married and having children and much more, here are 5 most memorable memories –

Getting married

This was one of the most happy moments of my life time when I got married and still remember that special day and going to my new home.


Our first baby

Yes, I am so excited about it in those days and it was moment when you realize your responsibility and enjoy being called a mom. Getting my small kid ready for school or playing with him. Everything with him was special.


Being a Teacher

I always had dream of getting a good job and being a teacher to help young boys and girls to learn different subjects and help them. I got my first break early but could not carry it for many years due to family responsibility and my parent’s health.

Buying first smart phone

I love technology and the way it makes our life very easy and help us in so many ways. Technology like mobile phones helps me to connect with friends and relatives and share my moments with them. My first Smartphone from HTC was very cool and advanced. I have clicked more than five hundred pictures with it till date.

Learn to drive my own car

My husband always motivated me to drive our car Alto but somehow I was not keen of learning it. I felt it was very difficult to drive but one day finally I decided to learn how to drive it and today is the day when I drive the car either to drop my kids or need to attend some party or go for shopping to mall. I feel more secure and free when going out in my car.

It is great to have such moments in life. I hope everybody have unique experiences and life turning events in their life.

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