Life without equipment

I am bit fond of technology, mobile phones and gadgets. Earlier from my childhood period, me and my brother would sit together and play video games for hours and at that time, we were so engaged in it that we would forget everything else. Mom used to call us frequently to take a break and have some lunch but we would just could leave it. Technology has just become so advanced now and now games are integral part of my life. This can be in form of computer games, smart phone games and consoles. It is not about games but gadgets too.


In today scenario, I cannot imagine my life without using smart phones and feel lonely if I have not connected to my social feed on face book or twitter and on other hand checked my emails or sent message via whatsapp or viber like applications. Few days back I wanted to test my patience and then decided to keep my Smartphone to my cupboard and try to push myself back to social life and connecting with people in real life. My first day was scary for me and I could help myself for even 2 hours and I had to again restart my phone to check my live feeds. As I tried to test my patience, I deactivated my face book account and rather tried to deviate my mind to things I can do without using technology at large. I continued to test myself for a day, second day and tried to hold myself best three days only. But at the end of this experiment I was happy that in those three days, I felt more relaxed and prepared some good delicious food from cook book and also able to give water to my plants in my home garden.

Now on the other side of it, I missed wishing my friend happy birthday on her timeline and also her birthday party which I could have attended it. On my shopping, I missed important deals and discount coupons plus missed the e-commerce various offers which may not come again. I felt my life complete nightmare and as if there was nothing to do much in life. I felt less organised and cut from whole world. So post three day I analyzed that technology is essential and cannot be left or become obsolete from our life and main component of it.

The best we can do about it is to try to balance our life in the right way to make sure we have time for everything.

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