LUCKY 6 BY FAT CAT – Next Generation Games

Games are my favourite past time activity and everyone in my family loves playing it together. I am addicted games and can play games for hours until someone tells me to stop it or my mobile battery juice drain up completely.
Two days back, I came to know about a new style of gaming introduced on Indiblogger website, my favourite blogging portal. Being a hard core gamer, I accepted the opportunity and gave myself a chance to experience something completely new and crowd funded. This mobile game Lucky 6 is presented and launched by Fat Cat exclusively in India just few days back. The name of the game Lucky 6 itself tells you about that it something related to winning some prizes and gifts and something different from traditional forms of games like Crush Candy, Angry Birds and other famous games. This game is kind of lottery or contest like game with no fighting or adventure. The game is part of SHM Entertainment Ltd and involves selecting of six brands of your choice from listed brands. Once you list the brands, then you get a confirmation ticket and winner is decided on the game day. You can also watch about the performance and raking of your selected brand as comparison to other and about your chances of winning the game. The excitement is not yet over as the prizes are real in this game and you can win cash prizes, vouchers and holiday vacation for family at international destinations too.

Starting with my review about the game app. Lucky 6 takes just few minutes in completing the whole process and does not take much data on your smartphone.For downloading the game; there are plenty of options available and access to both android and even on apple platforms.

For downloading the game app, here is the link provided and you can follow the steps given below-

Lucky 6 by Fat Cat Gaming

Screenshot_2014-11-25-15-28-50  Screenshot_2014-11-25-15-30-42 Screenshot_2014-11-25-15-34-12 Screenshot_2014-11-25-15-50-49

It is so simple and not much registration forms or details to be filled in. Only the mandatory things like email address,your nick name and 5 digit code is required. I like the idea of having 5 digit codes instead of password as it is more secure and private. Once you are done with adding details, you just need to activate your account by clicking on link in your email.

Screenshot_2014-11-25-15-51-18 Screenshot_2014-11-25-15-52-14 Screenshot_2014-11-25-15-52-20 Screenshot_2014-11-25-15-52-36

Once you enter the code and email, you can assess the game app and start playing and be part of contest.The process involves very few steps and also there is live demo which guides you through the game. I like the game format as it is very much organised. Also there is chance to invite your friends to be part of it and challenge them. In comparison to other games, inviting friends does not increase competition but gives you more benefits. As per the game terms and conditions, it says that even if we don’t win, we still have some chance or reward if our friend wins the game.

Screenshot_2014-11-25-15-53-21 Screenshot_2014-11-25-15-53-49 Screenshot_2014-11-25-15-54-02 Screenshot_2014-11-25-15-54-44

There is dashboard on the left side and options to see about our selected brand rankings too. You can track your ticket and also about the status and timings of next game, overall this game is good and can be played within seconds with huge benefits and chance of earning money too.

You can visit their website to know more about the Lucky 6 and connect with them.

This Blog Post is written for Indiblogger IndiHappy Hours Activity in association with Fat Cat.

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