The Power of Voice to Clean India

Right from the childhood days, our parents teach us to maintain good hygiene and clean ourselves. This involves brushing our teeth twice, groom ourselves in neat clothes, polish our shoes and cut our finger nails. In our school curriculum, we learn the lesson about cleanliness and how it affects our environment and its pros and cons. As we grow up and get more knowledge, logically we should take more care about our environment and be more sensitive but the opposite happens. We try to take natural resources for granted, we litter on roads, forget about the moral values and ethics taught to us by teachers. Our focus shifts towards earning money and fulfill our wishes without thinking about others. We try to overpower other and also do not care about traffic rules or police. This careless and disgusted attitude of people has caused more harm to India and its growth. We see that richer are becoming more rich and poor loosing outfit is found in recent survey that majority of poor people in India even do not have access to toilets and have no choice to defecate in open places. The government records show that work is being done only in their account books and nothing in practical. Corruption has spread like cancer in the country and it has affected middle class and low income people the most.

It is the need of hour that we all stand up whether we are poor or rich to fight for better governance and clean India. By clean India, I want new India which is having clean roads, access to public toilets, sanitation and hygiene education but also India which is having facility for free education for poor, free from corruption and other social issues which are dividing India. All this is nice to dream but in reality, it is very difficult task and requires joint public private partnership. We need to speak and rise to this occasion by creating awareness through social media, distributing pamphlets and talking with nongovernmental organizations. We need to change the mindset by treating everyone equal and not on basis of caste and creed. We all visit Haridwar or Varanasi once in life time for holy dip and offering prayers to god. I have made a pledge this time that whenever I bath in Ganga River, I will take part in cleaning Ganga drive and will not pollute it further. I also appreciate efforts for Swatch Bharat mission started by our government for providing affordable sanitation to all.

On similar notes,Strepsil has come to join hand with public and started   #AbMontuBolega campaign.It clearly sends the message that action speaks louder than words and has come up with innovative tagline Kyuki Bin Bole Ab Nahi Chalega.I urge all reading my blog to join them via Face book or Twitter and browse their website .With this campaign,Strepsil want people to keep their hesitation at bay and fight for social cause by raising their voice. The campaign has a strong message to clean India with aim to connect youth via social media.I can see many youngsters posting tweets or face book post appreciating their efforts.

Picture from Indiblogger website.

This article is written for IndiBlogger Indi-Happy Hour contest associated with #AbMontuBolega Strepsils campaign.

Visit their website for more details.

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