Lost Chance to Impress

Shaving and personality go hand and together, no matter how much you spend on buying branded clothes, exclusive designer shoes and matching designer head gear but everything goes zero down the wire when you come out with stubble face. It has happened many times in my family when my mom asks my brother if he has taken a bath today or not. My brother is always interested in watching the roadies show and other such kind of full on entertainment serials. He never misses chance to watch that show that particular show every season. Last year, he decided to take a chance for himself and participate in roadie’s edition. With great expectations and self belief, he started to prepare for the challenge by watching all the previous years season. In order to get ahead and give his best, he tried to write all the questions in the diary along with the judges’ reaction and tried to analyse judge’s reaction too. Then came the time when he filled the audition form online and got a reference number with audition initial round date. I knew it was difficult task to crack the initial round as hundreds of youths apply every year in order to get fame and grab this chance to enter the boll wood. I had full confidence in my brother and also he had six packs and was mentally strong and ability to crack the initial round. It family and his close friends thought that my brother would easily past through the initial rounds and would reach at least the zone stage and up to the last twenty five candidates.

On audition day, he went out early morning with full confidence and told me to wait for my call with the good news. He came back around 2 pm and went directly to his room without saying anything. I understood that he had been knocked out of the competition. In the evening, I went and asked him about his rejection. He told that during initial round, there was a screening test and written form to be submitted to a lady coordinator. He did everything right and then he was called inside a small room. The lady was not happy with my stubble face and my way of dressing. She felt I was showing off and asked me the reason of not shaving. I just told that I followed the old contestants who won last time. She just stopped me and in rude manner told me that I was looking sick and my answers were unimpressive to her. She further told me that we are looking for people who are smart and sexy and was eliminated at that point. I felt sorry for my brother and asked him to take this rejection in positive way and do consider option of keeping beard in some style or keep it completely clean and wait for next season.

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Impression Issues

I used to study in Government College and spend three years in girl’s hostel. We used to walk to our college as it was just adjacent to our hostel building. But when coming to the college, we used to see many eve teasers and college boys who try to impress me and my friends with their body and their styles. We used to ignore them and move without noticing them. It was the first few days of the college when ragging and introduction was a normal activity. During the break session, we went to canteen to have some cold drinks and snacks. As we sitting and chatting among each other, a group of boys came to us and told us to give our introduction. We told our name and tried to move away from that place. But one of the guys wanted something more and asked one of my friends to dance on some item Hollywood song. We thought it was fun activity but then he made some vulgar comments. My friend really got angry and told him to think before speaking anything else and asked him to leave. The senior guy was arrogant and come in front of my friend and directly asked her to be her girlfriend. At this moment, I thought to call the ragging cell and complaint against him in the college but this could create more problems for all of us. While I was thinking on how to move out from the canteen area, my friend replied to him and asked him to go and see you in the mirror. You look like a cheap criminal who does not even have money to shave or remove your stubble and you are thinking for a date with me.The guy remained silent for a minute and with his head down and walked away with his friends saying nothing. We were proud that our friend took the initiative and brave action to speak up and rise to his occasions is sure that the guy felt ashamed and completely embarrassed of his stubble looks. He never came again to us or contacted us in the college again.

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Kitna chain hota hai na sachchai mein -Being Honest

I am little selfish but also at same time, I always believe in being honest to myself, never cheat anybody or do something to hurt anyone. My school days were lot of fun and best times in my life. I had fun making friends, learning different languages and challenging my class mate. Being a studious girl, I always wanted to score good marks and achieve the top rank in the class. There was an incident in my life when honesty and my morals helped me to be the champion and winner even after losing the top position in my class. Before the declaration of results, we were given our mark sheets to check the total score and ask the teacher for any doubts. While cross checking my science paper, I found out that in one of the questions, our teacher had given extra marks and there was totalling error. My score was 85 out of hundred but in counting, it was 81.The first thought in my mind was to hide my mark sheet from everyone but then I realized that it would be cheating to me. I went to the teacher and told her about double marking error. The teacher was very proud of me and I was given special mention by our principal for my honesty. Though I lost the 2nd rank but I was happy to choose the right path.

In another instance, I was studying for engineering entrance exams and joined coaching institute in South extension, New Delhi.I used to go to coaching during the weekends with my friends and asked my parents for travel allowances. First few weeks were good and I was performing well in my coaching tests. After few days, I met a girl Akriti at the coaching class. We became close friends and after the coaching, we used to walk through the market and eat at various food joints. One day, we reached the coaching centre early to complete our homework. After completing the work, we had two hours time before the coaching class. So she asked me to bunk the coaching classes and watch movie with her. I told her that it was wrong on her part as it will affect her studies if we miss the class but she did not listen to me and convinced me to watch the movie. Though my conscience did not allow me but I kept on ignoring it. The movie ended and when we came out we realized that we were half an hour late. But I was determined to take the classes and so decided to go to the tuition center.My friend tried to make various excuses but I did not support her  as it was sounding fake to the teacher. With not many option left, I told our teacher that we had the intention to attend the classes but as we reached coaching location two hours before the class time and so thought of watching the movie. The teacher was very nice to us and just by giving a warning told us to attend the extra class today.

Sometimes being honest works and it shows your real character and personality. I would recommend everyone to watch this beautiful heart touching video by Kinley which portraits feeling of telling the truth.

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#WillyouShave -Securing the Visa

I have hearing a lot about being clean shaven and well groomed. After my marriage, I used to ask my husband to shave everyday but he used to ignore it most of the times. He was always lazy on it and felt no need to shave daily. At times, I felt embarrassed when going to party or social gathering with his stubble face. Most of the time he would give me many weird reasons to avoid it from being lazy, looking immature, saving time and experimenting with his looks. I always felt that his stubble look will someday affect our relationship in some way or the other.

After the marriage, we decided to take our first travel and honeymoon trip to International destination London. We had applied for visa and got the interview date and within day we got the passport with clearance to explore London. It was the most exciting times in my life as we boarded our flight to United Kingdom. We had done all the preparation before taking the five days trip and only thing left to be done was my husband shave and which he avoided before leaving. We landed safely and were standing in different lines in order to pass through custom check at London international airport. I cleared through the checking and next was my husband. The custom officer took his passport and started asking questions to him. I was little surprised and anxious and thought if everything was all right or not. I could see my husband getting little frustrated as it a long flight to UK.Then pointing out to me; he called me and told me to show some official document. The custom officer looked more satisfied and finally my husband was cleared through the process.

We quickly walked from that area towards the airport exit gate and I asked him about the issue. He told me that the photograph in his passport was not matching my face and appearance. I was little angry at him and told him that now you must have realized about stubble trouble and taken my advice seriously.

This is one of the instances when stubble came in the way making the good impression and my husband had to prove his identity.

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Shave and Attitude -Right mix for Job Interview

Clean shave men are my first preference as they always look smarter and confident over the stubble looks.Talking about my 3 months internship as a human resource mangement trainee few years back,I had been given the task to be part of recruitment and selection process.Various candidates used to come daily for post of customer care executive.Most of the candidates were either undergraduate or drop out who were looking for part time earnings.The best part of me was to take their resume and be the first to shortlist them based on their resume and initial interview.While interacting with the male candidates,most of the issues with them was either their way of presenting themselves and coming unprepared or communication skills.My first point of contact with the candidate was the point of deciding factor and within a minute or so ,I could make out and judge whether the person is capable or not.Rejecting a candidate is not an easy job and you need to hide your emotions behind and look forward to most suitable candidate who can deliver for your company.While shortlisting them,I always preferred candidates having  more confident and personality over their education.I never used to compare condidates based on their scores or percentage.I can even say that at certain point,candidates who were less educated but had good personality were selected.The rule is simple,without shave and uneven dressing style,you are shown the door.

During my last days of internship,I had to submit my initial report about my work and executive summary for the recruitment project.In the analysis,I found myself that candidates who lack basic english oral communication were rejected.Second most thing for basis of rejection was their attitude and personality.People who were not dressed in formals or with stubble face or beard were rejected.Lastly the people who lacked skills or basic knowledge were rejected.

The result is clear that your way of talking,presenting yourself with clean face and being confident do matters when it comes to interview.Education is important but not everything.I would recommend to every job seeker to be presentable and come with shave when you really want others to look at you.

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Good Impression with Shave

Shaving and Stubble free face are always my first preference when it comes to choosing between stubble and clean face.

I know my husband Rakesh from college days. He used to sit next to me in my class and was very helpful in exams too. As the years passed from teenager to being an adult, nothing much changed in his personality except his beard and stubble face. He was 21 years old when somehow I felt that I am losing my interest in him and his attraction and charm diminishing day by day. It was all due to his stubble effect and long hair. I did not like it very much and told him the same. He tried to persuade me that he is avid follower of Salman Khan Tere Naam look and thought that having such personality makes him more strong and unique from others.

It was my 21st birthday and he thought of taking me to the lunch date at an expensive family restaurant. First I thought of rejecting the offer but somehow he persuaded me to be there at 5 pm.I reached the restaurant and was waiting for him while sitting in the restaurant. After few minutes, I saw some commotion going outside the main gate. From the window, I saw Rakesh having a quarrel with the security guard. I quickly stood up and went to him and took him away to his bike. There he told me that the security guard thought I was a driver and did not let me enter the restaurant. Instead of having sympathy with him, I got into an argument with him and told him that it is high time that you should cut your hair and remove this stubble look before meeting me or creating such a scene again. Feeling disgusted, I quickly went to auto rickshaw standing nearby the restaurant and left.

Next day, in the morning, he called me and told me to meet him at Coffee shop went there and saw Rakesh with clean face and with haircut. He looked so smart and I felt very happy as he realized his mistake. He was sorry for the incident and told me to keep it clean and shave everyday. Now we are married and I like his habit to clean and shave daily and try to keep his moustache short and sweet.

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Teddy Travelogues

When I was a kid and was studying in the school, I used to wait for my summer and winter holidays with full of anxiety and madness.The reason was simple as holidays were full of fun and hapiness.Vacations never came easy for me as I had to promise my parents that I would get good marks in exams and never fight with my brother. Vacations made me smile as my father would take leave from his work and are with us for twenty fours a day. He would take us to picnic spots, adventure parks and famous historical places in India. We would travel via train, bus and public transport to reach different places which made our journey awesome.

Things have changed now over the years and I feel a change in mindset as parents spend less time with family and their children. Some parents say that vacations with family are only bound for rich and high-class while others feel as waste of time and instead put their children in coaching classes or have other priorities like earning more income. I would add that vacations are always needed in life whether you are young, adult or old. As a child, visiting different places and having a good time with family helps to reduce both physical and mental stress which they have to suffer these days due to studies. But before going out and packing your bags for a vacation trip, you must talk to your child about the place and also take into consideration his liking. Through this blog, I would give my point of view as a future parent considering my vacation trips as a child and how one should take forward for vacation that matters for child and family.

1. Identifying the Best Location and Visiting nearby Places

Taking a family trip out for vacation is expensive and so you must plan your budget and expenses. The vacation location with kids could be a beach, wildlife safari or hill stations. Make sure you take time to visit the local museums or places of historical importance. This will help out the kids to know more about our ancient history and significance.

2. Culture and Food

As a parent, you must give freedom to kids and give them little relaxation as kids want to try new stuff and taste different food. Buy traditional dresses from local shops and take a picture. This could be memorable when kids grow up.

3. Take Essential items and Give Information

When travelling with kids, make sure to carry medicines, water bottle and something to eat. Also give your kids visiting card and add some money in their pocket with phone number and details. As a parent, no matter you have booked the best hotel in the town, you must carry more than one ATM card and identity proof. Also inform your relatives and give them your location and place details so that they can contact you in case of emergency.

Do not be extra cautious and over protective as you and the child will not be able to enjoy the trip. These small things if taken care can make your trip a memorable one and help you enjoy it till the next one begins.Being a parent in future,I would try to follow these tips too and make my vacations for my kids filled with joy.

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Rise above Flying and Fractions Fear

Fear is something natural which affects every species in this world including human at any point of time. Human beings greatest fear is that they are bound to live on earth for only a particular period of time and they die. The Darwin theory also talks about survival of the fittest. There is not much you can do about it but either we try to run away from it or face it with courage and overcome it. In our daily routine and in everything we do, there is always a fear about the outcome of the project. This fear could bring good or bad results. With news related to rape cases and sexual exploitation of women, my father has a fear related to my safety. His fear is due to the environment we live in and fault in our security system and people way of looking at women as sex object. Such fear is something we cannot control it but the only way is to be ready to face the challenge. In order to overcome such fear, I have learnt driving my own car rather than taking lift or hiring a cab.

Talking about my own fear which I have faced in my life and ways I cope with them. The first one for me was fear of fractions and mathematics geometry. Mathematics always gave me stress and feeling of anxiety. My performance in my school test in maths was always poor no matter how much I tried to practice questions. Securing marks in this subject was a challenge for me and I always tried to run away from it. Like any problem, I too manage to find the solution and overcome my fear of mathematics by going for extra classes and tried many shortcuts and learn the problem solutions at time.

My second fear was travelling by an airplane. I was always terrified of heights and fear of flying. Till the time I was in college, I always preferred railways as a mode of transport for my journey. There is always a satisfaction about it that at least we are on the ground and can easily walk or come out of the train if any emergency situation happens. While inflight, we are thousands feet above in the air and have to be seated at all times on our seat. But sometimes in life, you cannot have control of the situation and you have to face the challenges and fear in your life. Our college exams were over but unfortunately I had to book flight ticket because there was no reservation available from Mumbai to Delhi flight. With courage, I went on to book the ticket and next day boarded the flight. But as soon as aircraft started rolling for take-off, my fear and anxiety increased and I had to close my eyes till the point it was in the air. The lady sitting next to me tried to calm me down and offered me chocolates. She further told me that flying fear is common and we can overcome it easily. She gave me many advises like holding the armrest, reading magazines and watching movies. Her advice really worked for me and at point of landing, I did not panic at all. Facing the fear and taking the risk is the best way to overcome it.

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