Rise above Flying and Fractions Fear

Fear is something natural which affects every species in this world including human at any point of time. Human beings greatest fear is that they are bound to live on earth for only a particular period of time and they die. The Darwin theory also talks about survival of the fittest. There is not much you can do about it but either we try to run away from it or face it with courage and overcome it. In our daily routine and in everything we do, there is always a fear about the outcome of the project. This fear could bring good or bad results. With news related to rape cases and sexual exploitation of women, my father has a fear related to my safety. His fear is due to the environment we live in and fault in our security system and people way of looking at women as sex object. Such fear is something we cannot control it but the only way is to be ready to face the challenge. In order to overcome such fear, I have learnt driving my own car rather than taking lift or hiring a cab.

Talking about my own fear which I have faced in my life and ways I cope with them. The first one for me was fear of fractions and mathematics geometry. Mathematics always gave me stress and feeling of anxiety. My performance in my school test in maths was always poor no matter how much I tried to practice questions. Securing marks in this subject was a challenge for me and I always tried to run away from it. Like any problem, I too manage to find the solution and overcome my fear of mathematics by going for extra classes and tried many shortcuts and learn the problem solutions at time.

My second fear was travelling by an airplane. I was always terrified of heights and fear of flying. Till the time I was in college, I always preferred railways as a mode of transport for my journey. There is always a satisfaction about it that at least we are on the ground and can easily walk or come out of the train if any emergency situation happens. While inflight, we are thousands feet above in the air and have to be seated at all times on our seat. But sometimes in life, you cannot have control of the situation and you have to face the challenges and fear in your life. Our college exams were over but unfortunately I had to book flight ticket because there was no reservation available from Mumbai to Delhi flight. With courage, I went on to book the ticket and next day boarded the flight. But as soon as aircraft started rolling for take-off, my fear and anxiety increased and I had to close my eyes till the point it was in the air. The lady sitting next to me tried to calm me down and offered me chocolates. She further told me that flying fear is common and we can overcome it easily. She gave me many advises like holding the armrest, reading magazines and watching movies. Her advice really worked for me and at point of landing, I did not panic at all. Facing the fear and taking the risk is the best way to overcome it.

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