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When I was a kid and was studying in the school, I used to wait for my summer and winter holidays with full of anxiety and madness.The reason was simple as holidays were full of fun and hapiness.Vacations never came easy for me as I had to promise my parents that I would get good marks in exams and never fight with my brother. Vacations made me smile as my father would take leave from his work and are with us for twenty fours a day. He would take us to picnic spots, adventure parks and famous historical places in India. We would travel via train, bus and public transport to reach different places which made our journey awesome.

Things have changed now over the years and I feel a change in mindset as parents spend less time with family and their children. Some parents say that vacations with family are only bound for rich and high-class while others feel as waste of time and instead put their children in coaching classes or have other priorities like earning more income. I would add that vacations are always needed in life whether you are young, adult or old. As a child, visiting different places and having a good time with family helps to reduce both physical and mental stress which they have to suffer these days due to studies. But before going out and packing your bags for a vacation trip, you must talk to your child about the place and also take into consideration his liking. Through this blog, I would give my point of view as a future parent considering my vacation trips as a child and how one should take forward for vacation that matters for child and family.

1. Identifying the Best Location and Visiting nearby Places

Taking a family trip out for vacation is expensive and so you must plan your budget and expenses. The vacation location with kids could be a beach, wildlife safari or hill stations. Make sure you take time to visit the local museums or places of historical importance. This will help out the kids to know more about our ancient history and significance.

2. Culture and Food

As a parent, you must give freedom to kids and give them little relaxation as kids want to try new stuff and taste different food. Buy traditional dresses from local shops and take a picture. This could be memorable when kids grow up.

3. Take Essential items and Give Information

When travelling with kids, make sure to carry medicines, water bottle and something to eat. Also give your kids visiting card and add some money in their pocket with phone number and details. As a parent, no matter you have booked the best hotel in the town, you must carry more than one ATM card and identity proof. Also inform your relatives and give them your location and place details so that they can contact you in case of emergency.

Do not be extra cautious and over protective as you and the child will not be able to enjoy the trip. These small things if taken care can make your trip a memorable one and help you enjoy it till the next one begins.Being a parent in future,I would try to follow these tips too and make my vacations for my kids filled with joy.

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