Good Impression with Shave

Shaving and Stubble free face are always my first preference when it comes to choosing between stubble and clean face.

I know my husband Rakesh from college days. He used to sit next to me in my class and was very helpful in exams too. As the years passed from teenager to being an adult, nothing much changed in his personality except his beard and stubble face. He was 21 years old when somehow I felt that I am losing my interest in him and his attraction and charm diminishing day by day. It was all due to his stubble effect and long hair. I did not like it very much and told him the same. He tried to persuade me that he is avid follower of Salman Khan Tere Naam look and thought that having such personality makes him more strong and unique from others.

It was my 21st birthday and he thought of taking me to the lunch date at an expensive family restaurant. First I thought of rejecting the offer but somehow he persuaded me to be there at 5 pm.I reached the restaurant and was waiting for him while sitting in the restaurant. After few minutes, I saw some commotion going outside the main gate. From the window, I saw Rakesh having a quarrel with the security guard. I quickly stood up and went to him and took him away to his bike. There he told me that the security guard thought I was a driver and did not let me enter the restaurant. Instead of having sympathy with him, I got into an argument with him and told him that it is high time that you should cut your hair and remove this stubble look before meeting me or creating such a scene again. Feeling disgusted, I quickly went to auto rickshaw standing nearby the restaurant and left.

Next day, in the morning, he called me and told me to meet him at Coffee shop went there and saw Rakesh with clean face and with haircut. He looked so smart and I felt very happy as he realized his mistake. He was sorry for the incident and told me to keep it clean and shave everyday. Now we are married and I like his habit to clean and shave daily and try to keep his moustache short and sweet.

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