Shave and Attitude -Right mix for Job Interview

Clean shave men are my first preference as they always look smarter and confident over the stubble looks.Talking about my 3 months internship as a human resource mangement trainee few years back,I had been given the task to be part of recruitment and selection process.Various candidates used to come daily for post of customer care executive.Most of the candidates were either undergraduate or drop out who were looking for part time earnings.The best part of me was to take their resume and be the first to shortlist them based on their resume and initial interview.While interacting with the male candidates,most of the issues with them was either their way of presenting themselves and coming unprepared or communication skills.My first point of contact with the candidate was the point of deciding factor and within a minute or so ,I could make out and judge whether the person is capable or not.Rejecting a candidate is not an easy job and you need to hide your emotions behind and look forward to most suitable candidate who can deliver for your company.While shortlisting them,I always preferred candidates having  more confident and personality over their education.I never used to compare condidates based on their scores or percentage.I can even say that at certain point,candidates who were less educated but had good personality were selected.The rule is simple,without shave and uneven dressing style,you are shown the door.

During my last days of internship,I had to submit my initial report about my work and executive summary for the recruitment project.In the analysis,I found myself that candidates who lack basic english oral communication were rejected.Second most thing for basis of rejection was their attitude and personality.People who were not dressed in formals or with stubble face or beard were rejected.Lastly the people who lacked skills or basic knowledge were rejected.

The result is clear that your way of talking,presenting yourself with clean face and being confident do matters when it comes to interview.Education is important but not everything.I would recommend to every job seeker to be presentable and come with shave when you really want others to look at you.

This post is a part of #WillYouShave activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette.

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