#WillyouShave -Securing the Visa

I have hearing a lot about being clean shaven and well groomed. After my marriage, I used to ask my husband to shave everyday but he used to ignore it most of the times. He was always lazy on it and felt no need to shave daily. At times, I felt embarrassed when going to party or social gathering with his stubble face. Most of the time he would give me many weird reasons to avoid it from being lazy, looking immature, saving time and experimenting with his looks. I always felt that his stubble look will someday affect our relationship in some way or the other.

After the marriage, we decided to take our first travel and honeymoon trip to International destination London. We had applied for visa and got the interview date and within day we got the passport with clearance to explore London. It was the most exciting times in my life as we boarded our flight to United Kingdom. We had done all the preparation before taking the five days trip and only thing left to be done was my husband shave and which he avoided before leaving. We landed safely and were standing in different lines in order to pass through custom check at London international airport. I cleared through the checking and next was my husband. The custom officer took his passport and started asking questions to him. I was little surprised and anxious and thought if everything was all right or not. I could see my husband getting little frustrated as it a long flight to UK.Then pointing out to me; he called me and told me to show some official document. The custom officer looked more satisfied and finally my husband was cleared through the process.

We quickly walked from that area towards the airport exit gate and I asked him about the issue. He told me that the photograph in his passport was not matching my face and appearance. I was little angry at him and told him that now you must have realized about stubble trouble and taken my advice seriously.

This is one of the instances when stubble came in the way making the good impression and my husband had to prove his identity.

This post is a part of #WillYouShave activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette.

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