Kitna chain hota hai na sachchai mein -Being Honest

I am little selfish but also at same time, I always believe in being honest to myself, never cheat anybody or do something to hurt anyone. My school days were lot of fun and best times in my life. I had fun making friends, learning different languages and challenging my class mate. Being a studious girl, I always wanted to score good marks and achieve the top rank in the class. There was an incident in my life when honesty and my morals helped me to be the champion and winner even after losing the top position in my class. Before the declaration of results, we were given our mark sheets to check the total score and ask the teacher for any doubts. While cross checking my science paper, I found out that in one of the questions, our teacher had given extra marks and there was totalling error. My score was 85 out of hundred but in counting, it was 81.The first thought in my mind was to hide my mark sheet from everyone but then I realized that it would be cheating to me. I went to the teacher and told her about double marking error. The teacher was very proud of me and I was given special mention by our principal for my honesty. Though I lost the 2nd rank but I was happy to choose the right path.

In another instance, I was studying for engineering entrance exams and joined coaching institute in South extension, New Delhi.I used to go to coaching during the weekends with my friends and asked my parents for travel allowances. First few weeks were good and I was performing well in my coaching tests. After few days, I met a girl Akriti at the coaching class. We became close friends and after the coaching, we used to walk through the market and eat at various food joints. One day, we reached the coaching centre early to complete our homework. After completing the work, we had two hours time before the coaching class. So she asked me to bunk the coaching classes and watch movie with her. I told her that it was wrong on her part as it will affect her studies if we miss the class but she did not listen to me and convinced me to watch the movie. Though my conscience did not allow me but I kept on ignoring it. The movie ended and when we came out we realized that we were half an hour late. But I was determined to take the classes and so decided to go to the tuition center.My friend tried to make various excuses but I did not support her  as it was sounding fake to the teacher. With not many option left, I told our teacher that we had the intention to attend the classes but as we reached coaching location two hours before the class time and so thought of watching the movie. The teacher was very nice to us and just by giving a warning told us to attend the extra class today.

Sometimes being honest works and it shows your real character and personality. I would recommend everyone to watch this beautiful heart touching video by Kinley which portraits feeling of telling the truth.

This Blog Post is written for IndiHappy Hours Activity for Indiblogger campaign.

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