Impression Issues

I used to study in Government College and spend three years in girl’s hostel. We used to walk to our college as it was just adjacent to our hostel building. But when coming to the college, we used to see many eve teasers and college boys who try to impress me and my friends with their body and their styles. We used to ignore them and move without noticing them. It was the first few days of the college when ragging and introduction was a normal activity. During the break session, we went to canteen to have some cold drinks and snacks. As we sitting and chatting among each other, a group of boys came to us and told us to give our introduction. We told our name and tried to move away from that place. But one of the guys wanted something more and asked one of my friends to dance on some item Hollywood song. We thought it was fun activity but then he made some vulgar comments. My friend really got angry and told him to think before speaking anything else and asked him to leave. The senior guy was arrogant and come in front of my friend and directly asked her to be her girlfriend. At this moment, I thought to call the ragging cell and complaint against him in the college but this could create more problems for all of us. While I was thinking on how to move out from the canteen area, my friend replied to him and asked him to go and see you in the mirror. You look like a cheap criminal who does not even have money to shave or remove your stubble and you are thinking for a date with me.The guy remained silent for a minute and with his head down and walked away with his friends saying nothing. We were proud that our friend took the initiative and brave action to speak up and rise to his occasions is sure that the guy felt ashamed and completely embarrassed of his stubble looks. He never came again to us or contacted us in the college again.

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