Lost Chance to Impress

Shaving and personality go hand and together, no matter how much you spend on buying branded clothes, exclusive designer shoes and matching designer head gear but everything goes zero down the wire when you come out with stubble face. It has happened many times in my family when my mom asks my brother if he has taken a bath today or not. My brother is always interested in watching the roadies show and other such kind of full on entertainment serials. He never misses chance to watch that show that particular show every season. Last year, he decided to take a chance for himself and participate in roadie’s edition. With great expectations and self belief, he started to prepare for the challenge by watching all the previous years season. In order to get ahead and give his best, he tried to write all the questions in the diary along with the judges’ reaction and tried to analyse judge’s reaction too. Then came the time when he filled the audition form online and got a reference number with audition initial round date. I knew it was difficult task to crack the initial round as hundreds of youths apply every year in order to get fame and grab this chance to enter the boll wood. I had full confidence in my brother and also he had six packs and was mentally strong and ability to crack the initial round. It family and his close friends thought that my brother would easily past through the initial rounds and would reach at least the zone stage and up to the last twenty five candidates.

On audition day, he went out early morning with full confidence and told me to wait for my call with the good news. He came back around 2 pm and went directly to his room without saying anything. I understood that he had been knocked out of the competition. In the evening, I went and asked him about his rejection. He told that during initial round, there was a screening test and written form to be submitted to a lady coordinator. He did everything right and then he was called inside a small room. The lady was not happy with my stubble face and my way of dressing. She felt I was showing off and asked me the reason of not shaving. I just told that I followed the old contestants who won last time. She just stopped me and in rude manner told me that I was looking sick and my answers were unimpressive to her. She further told me that we are looking for people who are smart and sexy and was eliminated at that point. I felt sorry for my brother and asked him to take this rejection in positive way and do consider option of keeping beard in some style or keep it completely clean and wait for next season.

This post is a part of #WillYouShave activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette.

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