Valentine Celebrations

Valentine day is coming and I can see in my inbox with mails coming up every day about gifting personalized gifts from customized tees, coffee mugs, calender and photo frames. If you ask me about these proposal offers and lucrative deals, I would prefer my husband to make it simple and be honest with his proposal rather than spending money on creating background scenery and showing off. Though these offers are good for adventure and trying out once but a girl like me is looking for his love and affection for me and it does not require showing his macho look or taking any risk for me. The statement holds true that money cannot buy happiness and love. Then there are offers from various e-commerce website offering discounts on candle light dinner, special travel packages at famous tourists spots with on call bouquet services, hill top photo shoot and many other ways of celebrating this valentine day and ways of proposing your love.

Everyone has right to take decision in his life and choose the life partner. My decision was love marriage and it was my husband who proposed me on my birthday few years back at the foot over artificial bridge at Kingdoms of Dreams in Gurgaon.I had no idea and was completely left out of words for a minute and then started blushing when he took out the ring and proposed me with romantic song. I accepted his offer and hugged me.

If I have to make a proposal to him on valentine day then it would be not require much planning as I already what my husband likes and loves. My husband loves watching television and play movies on pen drive after coming from office. My proposal plan would be make a short video using a movie editor which will include all our memories from the point when we first met then marriage pictures and the places we visited together. After the pictures, I would give my love message with his importance in my life and that my life is not complete without him. Then before it ends, I would give him a clue that now come to the balcony for a surprise.

After compiling it everything, I would copy the video in a pen drive one day prior to the proposal day. On valentine day when he comes back from work, I would give him the pen drive with movie and tell him to see it while I am going to balcony. After watching my video, he will have a clue and come to balcony where I will be standing with a gold chain and flowers. I would hug him tight and say “I love you” in his ears. I will further treat him with a chocolate cake prepared by me and his name written on it and us both cutting the cake together and having a bite from single slice.

I feel my plan would work out and valentine day will be special for both of us.

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It’s just Quikr in Bangalore!

Few months ago, I was in my bed having morning tea and reading newspaper. It was a holiday for me and with my husband out of town; I had a good time watching my favorite channel on television. I was just in the middle of the movie and side by side checking my whatsapp messages. Then suddenly a message from my husband pops up. The next line was quite a surprise as he told me that company wants him to lead new team in different product vertical and now he has got just one month before to settle down. I switched off the television and called him to know what exactly everything is about and get more details. My husband told me that it is going to be three month project and company is offering him one month stay in their office guest house and then he needs to manage everything on his own from renting a flat to cooking his food and other requirements.

Most of the time, he was busy in his new project and did not get time to contact property dealers and suitable housemaid who could help out. So I decided to help him sitting at my home so that he does not face issues before relocating and then started to look offline through my social networks and close friends who have any relationship or contacts in Bangalore. The next thing was to look to browse my social media sites and find some group or search Google’s I wrote the keyword about searching the flat in Bangalore, one of the link pointed out me to quickly navigated to their site where I found so many services from Real Estate, Home and Lifestyle, Education and other services.


I have been hearing a lot about quikr promotion through their advertisement on different mediums and people getting to sell and buy stuff without any problems. This ecommerce site is very easy to use and search anything right by writing at the top address bar and simple clicking on search button. I wrote about finding a flat which can rented out for my husband for two months and could be economical but well maintained. Then the next link took me to refine categories and options to choose like type of flat, budget cost options and location. After finding a match, I found quikr much more transparent as one can see the exact photos with specification along with cost and directly contact the seller without mediating through third party. I messaged the number to my husband along with the quikr website link and details so that he could easily get in touch and see the apartment.

After house, I thought to browse other popular categories listed on quikr so that he could save money and reduce his cost. The next thing needed for my husband was some kitchen and home appliances so that at least he could make tea or coffee and prepare Maggie and other stuffs. I found out the products really cheap and at discount price which he would help him as it was the two months stay after all.

I feel the site is really good and helpful to save money and time as one can contact the seller directly.

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Things that define me

I am born to do something different and have high risk appetite and with an attitude full of courage and being an independent women. Everyone feels in my family that I am a special kid and different from my parents. Both my parents say that my likes and prefe100_2311rences are very uncommon and different. I love watching horror movies while my parents like watching funny, comedy movies and entertainment shoes. I love to travel and explore places which are different and more traditional while they prefer to stay at home or simply follow the routine itemiser when travelling. Reading books and writing is something which I am very passionate about and blogging is where I find my true love in the free time. Gadgets are still a mystery thing for me but with time, I have taken an initiative to learn and use it in order to make my life much easier and simple. People say that I am always smiling and praise me for my dressing sense.


I was just 11 years old when I was made the sports captain for my team and won silver medal in being the winner in 100 metre race. Sports are something which keeps me energetic and competitive. In the school, I was a girl who was not afraid of boys and always stood with my friends when they use to bully them. I was good in studies from my school and felt very proud when I was the first kid in my family to complete the secondary and higher school with flying colours did not stop her to get married and have kids but followed up to continue my education and completed by graduation.

My professional life is being an entrepreneur who can design clothes and make you look elegant and beautiful. From running my boutique to managing my home, everything is a challenge but I am always up to it. From teaching my kids to running across the grocery shop or participating in social events, I am always there for those who are important in my life. I believe in freedom and live a life in my way.

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Journey from ‘OR’ to ‘AND’

Being a mother and entrepreneur at the same time is a very difficult job at times and requires a lot of time and efforts to give justice to both of them equally.

Right after finishing my school, I decided to make my career in garments and fashion industry. I did a diploma course too in order to learn about type of clothes, garment and different dressing style and setting up your own fashion garment venture. My passion and my work was always liked my teacher and appreciated by my relatives. I always wanted to be fashion designer in my life but due to financial issues and other personal problems, I could not start my boutique on my own and design my own range of outfits. I got married very early and found myself locked in fulfillment of my responsibilities and duties of a home maker and at one stage I felt that my dream to start a boutique would never take off.


But when my kids were born and they started going to school, I felt this is the right time to take a stand for myself and for their future. I did not want them to have same faith like me and they are not able to fulfill their wishes due to financial issues. I started to save my money from my husband salary and within two years, I had enough amounts to get two best sewing machines and hire a tailor. The last and most important thing for me was the space where I could show my designs and clothes. This time to my surprise my husband took a stand for me and decided to shift his books and furniture from living area and gave me enough space to start-up my boutique. With god grace and blessings, people started coming to look at my dresses and give orders. First six months were really tough and there were few orders. Even my relatives told me to shut the shop and business but I stood to my decision and took it as a challenge to run my boutique. Slowly and steadily, people started to like my work. I can say that my business is more stable now with six tailors working under me and I have customer base of more than 1000 customers. I am able to save enough money which has helped in increasing our living standard and also fund for future education for my children without taking any loan.

I feel proud of myself today for effort and taking my stand to set up my own boutique and run it on my own as a successful entrepreneur.

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