Journey from ‘OR’ to ‘AND’

Being a mother and entrepreneur at the same time is a very difficult job at times and requires a lot of time and efforts to give justice to both of them equally.

Right after finishing my school, I decided to make my career in garments and fashion industry. I did a diploma course too in order to learn about type of clothes, garment and different dressing style and setting up your own fashion garment venture. My passion and my work was always liked my teacher and appreciated by my relatives. I always wanted to be fashion designer in my life but due to financial issues and other personal problems, I could not start my boutique on my own and design my own range of outfits. I got married very early and found myself locked in fulfillment of my responsibilities and duties of a home maker and at one stage I felt that my dream to start a boutique would never take off.


But when my kids were born and they started going to school, I felt this is the right time to take a stand for myself and for their future. I did not want them to have same faith like me and they are not able to fulfill their wishes due to financial issues. I started to save my money from my husband salary and within two years, I had enough amounts to get two best sewing machines and hire a tailor. The last and most important thing for me was the space where I could show my designs and clothes. This time to my surprise my husband took a stand for me and decided to shift his books and furniture from living area and gave me enough space to start-up my boutique. With god grace and blessings, people started coming to look at my dresses and give orders. First six months were really tough and there were few orders. Even my relatives told me to shut the shop and business but I stood to my decision and took it as a challenge to run my boutique. Slowly and steadily, people started to like my work. I can say that my business is more stable now with six tailors working under me and I have customer base of more than 1000 customers. I am able to save enough money which has helped in increasing our living standard and also fund for future education for my children without taking any loan.

I feel proud of myself today for effort and taking my stand to set up my own boutique and run it on my own as a successful entrepreneur.

This post is a part of #UseYourAnd activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette Venus

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