Things that define me

I am born to do something different and have high risk appetite and with an attitude full of courage and being an independent women. Everyone feels in my family that I am a special kid and different from my parents. Both my parents say that my likes and prefe100_2311rences are very uncommon and different. I love watching horror movies while my parents like watching funny, comedy movies and entertainment shoes. I love to travel and explore places which are different and more traditional while they prefer to stay at home or simply follow the routine itemiser when travelling. Reading books and writing is something which I am very passionate about and blogging is where I find my true love in the free time. Gadgets are still a mystery thing for me but with time, I have taken an initiative to learn and use it in order to make my life much easier and simple. People say that I am always smiling and praise me for my dressing sense.


I was just 11 years old when I was made the sports captain for my team and won silver medal in being the winner in 100 metre race. Sports are something which keeps me energetic and competitive. In the school, I was a girl who was not afraid of boys and always stood with my friends when they use to bully them. I was good in studies from my school and felt very proud when I was the first kid in my family to complete the secondary and higher school with flying colours did not stop her to get married and have kids but followed up to continue my education and completed by graduation.

My professional life is being an entrepreneur who can design clothes and make you look elegant and beautiful. From running my boutique to managing my home, everything is a challenge but I am always up to it. From teaching my kids to running across the grocery shop or participating in social events, I am always there for those who are important in my life. I believe in freedom and live a life in my way.

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