It’s just Quikr in Bangalore!

Few months ago, I was in my bed having morning tea and reading newspaper. It was a holiday for me and with my husband out of town; I had a good time watching my favorite channel on television. I was just in the middle of the movie and side by side checking my whatsapp messages. Then suddenly a message from my husband pops up. The next line was quite a surprise as he told me that company wants him to lead new team in different product vertical and now he has got just one month before to settle down. I switched off the television and called him to know what exactly everything is about and get more details. My husband told me that it is going to be three month project and company is offering him one month stay in their office guest house and then he needs to manage everything on his own from renting a flat to cooking his food and other requirements.

Most of the time, he was busy in his new project and did not get time to contact property dealers and suitable housemaid who could help out. So I decided to help him sitting at my home so that he does not face issues before relocating and then started to look offline through my social networks and close friends who have any relationship or contacts in Bangalore. The next thing was to look to browse my social media sites and find some group or search Google’s I wrote the keyword about searching the flat in Bangalore, one of the link pointed out me to quickly navigated to their site where I found so many services from Real Estate, Home and Lifestyle, Education and other services.


I have been hearing a lot about quikr promotion through their advertisement on different mediums and people getting to sell and buy stuff without any problems. This ecommerce site is very easy to use and search anything right by writing at the top address bar and simple clicking on search button. I wrote about finding a flat which can rented out for my husband for two months and could be economical but well maintained. Then the next link took me to refine categories and options to choose like type of flat, budget cost options and location. After finding a match, I found quikr much more transparent as one can see the exact photos with specification along with cost and directly contact the seller without mediating through third party. I messaged the number to my husband along with the quikr website link and details so that he could easily get in touch and see the apartment.

After house, I thought to browse other popular categories listed on quikr so that he could save money and reduce his cost. The next thing needed for my husband was some kitchen and home appliances so that at least he could make tea or coffee and prepare Maggie and other stuffs. I found out the products really cheap and at discount price which he would help him as it was the two months stay after all.

I feel the site is really good and helpful to save money and time as one can contact the seller directly.

This blog post written for the Quikr and Happy Hours campaign on Indiblogger website.

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