Bedtime Rituals

It is just few years back when I got married with my love partner and then after some time we had our own baby. My small son is the best gift for me in my life and being a mother is such a great responsibility and best time in my life. I feel my life is complete with my kid and my whole focus is to take care of him and help him with everything.

The whole cycle for me from the pre-pregnancy till the birth and after my son came to this world was very difficult journey for me as I did not had the support or advise of my mother in law who left this world due to her critical health condition. I used to talk to my friends and read parenting magazines and did many things so that I could understand about small baby’s issues. For initial months, my baby could not speak like everyone and I had to interpret from his behaviour and expressions to make him comfortable and stop him from crying.

As a mother, I used to give him more attention at night so that he could have a good sleep which was considered as very important for babies. My husband came from office but at times, he would get little frustrated when our kid would make some noise and did not sleep. It was a daily bedtime routine until I used to come to rescue both of them and start my bedtime ritual. It was at times so much fun and challenge asking my husband to convince the baby to sleep.

Today I am going to share the bedtime ritual and secret with all of you and future parents about my bedtime ritual which helped my baby to have a proper sleep and wake up fresh next morning. Right before the sleep, I would rub his hands and legs with almond oil so that it gives flexibility to his skin and makes his bones strong. Next, I would change my baby clothes and have a night wear which was quite elastic and wide so that air can easily pass through.

I would switch off the lights and then I would take my baby in my arms and close the room door so that there is no noise and the baby can try to come in sleep mode. I would start singing same song which my mother used to sing for me when I was a kid too. Some days when I am not in a mood to sing, then I would tell him fairy tale stories.

In case the baby would start crying in middle of night or not able to sleep, then I would check his diapers or wet clothes which made him uncomfortable. Usually it is found that the baby skin is very sensitive and soft and it is important to have a good quality diapers which prevent rashes on skin and soak the water. Most of times, he would stop crying after changing his diaper.

I consider my time spend with my baby doing bedtime rituals for my child as one of the best moments of my motherhood.

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Live The Life You Have Always Dreamed Of!

Dreams and human expectations can never end and every time we desire to have something extra in our life. I have no regret in my life no matter the difficulties and problem I have faced. The concept of life is keep smiling and be happy in all difficult and hard bound situations. There will be time when you have lot of tensions and unlucky situations and you may get disappointed but I am little different and brave girl. I love to fight hard and follow my dreams and chase them till I get success. There is still lot to achieve yet but it can be only possible when there are no tensions or worries. If an ideal situation exists, then these are the top 5 things on my Bucket List that I would do if was #BefikarUmarBhar.

  1. Spend time with Kids and Family

My present job requires me to work from early morning till evening hours. This has caused a lot of issues related to taking care of my kids and helping them in studies. I hope they understand my situation about how important is to work and earn to meet the family requirements. But if I get an option, then I would like to work part time instead of full time and give more time to kids helping them in school homework and solving their problems. I would be very happy if this happens.

  1. Travelling to USA

It has been by dream to visit my real brother who lives in New York City in USA. He calls me every year during December when it is winter vacation time for kids and my holidays too. But I try to give him some weird reasons and avoid it. The real reason is that it is too expensive covering the flight tickets for four family members. I have a wish to have a family dinner in his home and then take my kids to sightseeing tour of New York City.

  1. Buy an Audi and drive it

Audi cars are the best and my favourite among all the cars. I love its exterior design and specifications. I know affording such an expensive car is not possible as we are middle class people but still I have a dream to buy an Audi and drive it myself. It would great to surprise my husband with an Audi car as a gift to him on his birthday.

  1. Own a Big house with ample Garden space

Both me and my husband have worked all our life but still able to manage with three bedroom resort. I would still find it good as we are only four family members but my dream is to own a big house where there is ample space for parking a car and gardening. I love flowers and greenery and have a passion to grow different variety of herbs and fruits. This is not possible right now but I would love to have it one day.

  1. Publish my own book

I love writing short stories and have passion for blogging. I have kept a small diary where I write stories with different characters and on different topics. It is my wishes to get it published and promote it all over India if there is money with me and good connections.

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Being a shopaholic, I am looking to dispose my old items and sell them so that I got opportunity to go for shopping again and buy something new. This all could not have been possible if there was no Quikr. Let me here introduce to you my shopping partner and buddy Quikr which motivates me to shop more and save more.

Quikr is an online classified platform where we can post free ad for the products we want to sell and even search about the products posted by other sellers across various segments and different locations. I am a member of their website and have got lucky many times with getting exclusive products at low price after negotiation with sellers. It was not completely a cake walk as I had to make lot of phone calls and sending many emails asking the seller to share with me exact photos and product details. There were times when the seller would cut the phone mid way or would not take the call. Then there were people who posted lucrative products at low prices but were not committed or changed their minds at last moment over the phone. One of the moments was when one of the buyers located outside my city hold my call over two minutes and then would cut the phone. This all took lot of telephone expenses plus waste of time and efforts. Though the process took a lot of time and effort but at the end it was worth it.

Recently in order to tap the market and provide better support to its users, they have added new feature Quikr Nxt to upgrade their platform. I like the latest offerings from Quikr Nxt as it is one stop solution to all my needs making it less hectic and help me identify right seller and has better communication chat option which is preferable anytime over the phone option.

Sharing Photos

Quikr Nxt allows sharing images and pictures with the users over the same platform. This is a must have feature as I like to get into details and want to see the product from all the angles and looking out about the serial number and brand logo to check whether the product is original or not. This information cannot be told over phone or expressed. Once I get the pictures then I can see if the product matches with colour and my room outlook etc in case of sofa or wood items.

Privacy Option

I am still doing not believe giving my data and mobile number to strangers and have sense of fear. There is a chance that it may circulate to third party or anyone who can then misuse it. Quikr Nxt brings the option to hide the mobile number while posting ad and chat before revealing the mobile number.

Checking Chat History

I usually check multiple sellers before buying item and this requires lot of calling to unknown people and talking to them revealing my identity. The information over the phone cannot be trusted and rather chat option is better as I can see my previous chat messages. Also I can use this option if the seller number is deleted from my mobile.

I am happy that Quikr has worked out to make this whole process much more organised with help of technology. Looking to sell and buy more via Quikr.

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