Bedtime Rituals

It is just few years back when I got married with my love partner and then after some time we had our own baby. My small son is the best gift for me in my life and being a mother is such a great responsibility and best time in my life. I feel my life is complete with my kid and my whole focus is to take care of him and help him with everything.

The whole cycle for me from the pre-pregnancy till the birth and after my son came to this world was very difficult journey for me as I did not had the support or advise of my mother in law who left this world due to her critical health condition. I used to talk to my friends and read parenting magazines and did many things so that I could understand about small baby’s issues. For initial months, my baby could not speak like everyone and I had to interpret from his behaviour and expressions to make him comfortable and stop him from crying.

As a mother, I used to give him more attention at night so that he could have a good sleep which was considered as very important for babies. My husband came from office but at times, he would get little frustrated when our kid would make some noise and did not sleep. It was a daily bedtime routine until I used to come to rescue both of them and start my bedtime ritual. It was at times so much fun and challenge asking my husband to convince the baby to sleep.

Today I am going to share the bedtime ritual and secret with all of you and future parents about my bedtime ritual which helped my baby to have a proper sleep and wake up fresh next morning. Right before the sleep, I would rub his hands and legs with almond oil so that it gives flexibility to his skin and makes his bones strong. Next, I would change my baby clothes and have a night wear which was quite elastic and wide so that air can easily pass through.

I would switch off the lights and then I would take my baby in my arms and close the room door so that there is no noise and the baby can try to come in sleep mode. I would start singing same song which my mother used to sing for me when I was a kid too. Some days when I am not in a mood to sing, then I would tell him fairy tale stories.

In case the baby would start crying in middle of night or not able to sleep, then I would check his diapers or wet clothes which made him uncomfortable. Usually it is found that the baby skin is very sensitive and soft and it is important to have a good quality diapers which prevent rashes on skin and soak the water. Most of times, he would stop crying after changing his diaper.

I consider my time spend with my baby doing bedtime rituals for my child as one of the best moments of my motherhood.

This post is written for Bedtime Rituals Happy Hours campaign ( by indiblogger.

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