Kellogg’s Waale Guptaji ka Nashta

Breakfast is the time when I have to do multiple tasks while managing household chores and also prepare breakfast for my family plus pack lunch box for my husband. I do not know about others but I think preparing breakfast it is the most difficult thing for me as my children do not tell about what to cook for them in the breakfast. I understand them completely and I had similar experience in my childhood too. Children often find the regular home cooked food boring and do not want to eat same breakfast every day. They always want to have junk food like burger or pizza and other such type of food. But as a mother I want them to consume the right food which has good proportion of vitamins, rich in carbohydrates and other supplements essential for their growth and development.

Preparing such breakfast which is healthy and good in taste was difficult for me until I came to know about Guptaji and learnt about their way of preparing the morning breakfast and helping me to solve my breakfast problem. The best part about their food is that it is lighter and includes more calories and no cholesterol. It takes less time to prepare and cook the recipe and consumes less oil. I am really excited to prepare those dishes for my family but before that I would love to visit them and indulge in talk about their way of getting this idea of using cornflakes to prepare the morning breakfast. I am really surprised to know about their way to prepare so many different dishes and all with help of Kellogg’s cornflakes. Some of the famous dishes from their breakfast menu are Cornflakes Peanut Chikki, Chapatti Cornflakes Chivda and Cornflakes Anjeer Porridge. Their breakfast menu also included sweets and snacks plus Cornflakes salad. Children love sweet and often we as parents stop them from having chocolate and other sweets. But Guptaji has come with innovative way to make sure children are happy with recipe like Cornflake Walnut Chocolate Muffin and Cornflakes Sheera

I like this way of breakfast than my present way as it includes a full meal course. As a mother of two kids, I want them to intake breakfast which is healthy and give them energy to stay active and do not worry about food. This will help me to bring more happiness to my family and also I will be tension free and satisfied. I want to visit and have breakfast with them so that I could explore more ways of cooking and using cornflakes as they have so many recipes with them as per different occasions’ want to see what is there in their menu especially for different purposes. I am looking to get invite and get the chance to have this awesome breakfast at Guptaji house.

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Living Together

I always feel lucky to live with parents and have a family which is always there for me. It is very sad when I see small children who are on the roads and beg to live a life. It is so good for me to have my family with me which gives me directions and support every day. Their presence in my life give me optimism and motivation to go ahead to do whatever I want to do with full freedom and as per my wishes. Every time when I found myself entangled in life with my head low and loosing self believe then family gives me courage and strength and act as protective cover for menthe success of me and my brother in life goes to our home culture and having unity and living for each other. I consider my home as the central location and everything we do it involves the decision taken after consideration of every suggestion and point of view of family members. The decision of buying a car or first house, changing the room paint and texture, purchasing a sofa or anything which could be small or big is only done after we sit together and come to the conclusion. Happiness to me and having joy in life is when I see my father getting promotion or brother getting a good marks or my mom making delicious food for family. These are the moments which make my day and living for each other is the way to enjoy each second of my life.

I remember that in my childhood days when I used to get cough or fever and were sick. The family would pray for me and my grandparents would rush to my home and give me traditional medicines and stuff to make it less painful for me. My mother would opt for holiday from her job and would sit around me for hours. My brother would go to market and do all the stuff from bringing medicines and my home work. Then my father would come home early from work and give me chocolates and take me to doctor for consultation. Even everyone would take care of me till I slept. In the school days, many times I would not be able to learn everything and had problems in studies and even mom could not help me as she was busy and come late from office. Then my brother and grandfather would teach me in day time and helped in my syllabus. After my school, I got admission in Gurgaon and had to live in hostel alone. I was always missing my home and food but my parents would drive every weekend for hours to my hostel and we spend all day together. Such moments makes me proud of my family when we hold each other hand and do things together.

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Start A New Life

Everyone wants to live a life like king size and want to be successful in life. But it is only few who are able to make it the top most position and other lost their way or has personal issues or situations which are not under control. I also wanted to do something different when I was young and had a passion to join Indian Navy and be a commanding naval officer. I wanted to be part of republic day parade and live for my country and protecting the Indian seas. I was good in swimming in school and even went to coaching classes to learn the tricks and get trained for written and oral exams. Then it was the most important day of my life when I went to give my entrance exam and cleared the same with good percentile. Next step was the interview rounds and I had tough time cracking it but managed to pass it. The only last hurdle was left for me was clearing the medical examination. I was very happy at this moment to see getting myself closer to my dream.

But something went wrong and I was declared unfit and not up to the standards as per navy medical requirements. It was the worst day of my life to hear this news and I could not control myself for crying for many days. I had given my best but did not make it through the last hurdle. It was at that point my friends came to my and motivated me to forget it and move forward in life as there are so many more fields to explore life.

With passage of time, I was able to overcome and control my emotions and decided to move forward in life. I took it as a challenge and decided to follow another passion of teaching young students and become a professional teacher. I felt that teacher is the right profession for me as I can bring the changes in many other lives. Though everyone in family was against it because it was low salary job but still I decided to go ahead with my decision. After three years of teaching, I got married and my family members asked me to leave this teacher job and be a housewife to take family responsibility.

It was again a big decision in my life and I had no choice to quit my job. But I took the bold step and started my own coaching centre this time with my all funds and taking a loan from bank plus managing the household. Everyone in my area did not like my decision as my husband was earning handsome salary but I took the courage to face everyone and stand for myself. Now it has been more than ten years and I have taught hundreds of student and feel very satisfied with my decision.

I find happiness in teaching and it gave me a new life.

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Dry baby, happy baby

I still cannot forget the days when I had to visit the doctor every week during my pregnancy weeks and had to go through so much pain and adjustment but everything was gone and there were tears of joy and happiness when I saw my baby in my arms. It was the happiest moment of my life getting a chance to celebrate motherhood phase in my life. It was a baby boy and after discharged from the hospital, we directly went to temple to get blessings of Gurus. At that point, I and my husband decided to dedicate our life to ensure our child remains healthy and happy and do everything we can afford to take care of him and give him best life.

Taking good care of baby and teaching him good things in life is very important and part of our Indian culture. It was not easy for me as my baby was born light weight and was weak and so I had to take extra care of him. I would always keep the baby in my arms and would hug him numerous times in a day so that he can sleep and feel comfortable in external environment. I like to keep him wrap in a cosy blanket and would tickle him when changing his clothes. The baby can be happy and enjoy only when family has good positive atmosphere and there are no arguments within the family members. This is important for development of child and keeps him happy.

Sleep is also an important thing for a child and gives me energy to stay fresh and happy for next day. I make sure the doors are closed and curtain prevents sunlight to enter the room and baby can have proper sleep. Also during the night time, he would often start crying when light is switched off. I felt it as normal and to remove his night fear, I bought some sparkling stars and placed it on his bed so that he could remain happy. The smile on his face keeps me going along after hectic days of work at managing home.

Every morning, my little one enjoys the company of his father very much when I am busy doing household work. My hubby would tell him stories and would give him horse ride on his shoulder. My boy’s loves water and I would put teddy bear and other little toys in the bathing tub and would switch on the music and then he starts dancing in his own way. I simply love his big smile and fun when he starts to jump in the bath tub and grab attention of everyone in the family. I would thanks Pampers for keeping my baby dry from inside with their good quality diapers and he could have sound sleep without getting disturbed in middle of night.

I would say a baby needs love, blessings and support of family members to keep him happy always. All I wish now that my baby be healthy and happy!

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Look Up Stories

I consider my elders and parents as very important in my life. They have taught me so many things in life and remain positive and optimistic. Being a woman in closed society, it is not easy as there are more social duties to be fulfilled. But I want to thank everyone in my life that have supported me some way or the other to help me stand on my foot and live a life of dignity and being a successful women. I would like to thank my parents, husband plus my family members, teachers and many more who have guided me to always #Lookup and be a fighter in my life.

The journey of becoming a successful teacher and housewife at the same time was not very easy for me. I had to go through lot of emotional pain and hard work to clear all the barriers. It was a tough mental challenge to play different roles from being a wife, mother and a teacher. There were certain stages when I felt giving it up my dream to teach students in the school and give something back to the society. Coming back to the days of struggle days, I had just completed my graduation and wanted to get my first job as a school primary teacher. But I got married due to my parents wish and had a feeling that my dream would not be fulfilled. But it was husband who completely understood me and gave me optimism and hopes to continue my job search and fulfil my dream to become a teacher. It was very difficult as other family members were against it but somehow my husband become my strength and motivated me to give interviews. With god blessing and confidence, I managed to grab my first job and felt very happy that my dream was fulfilled. Further morning prayers and teaching kids helps me to stay calm and brings joy in my life.

Today is just another day when I have completed more than ten years of teaching thousands of students and being a successful house maker too. There were issues when I had my baby and I thought of leaving my teaching job but then my mother-in law took the decision to take care of my baby and I could go to school. I feel happy today when I meet my old students and listen to their success stories. Their respect and token of appreciation acts an aspiration for me to continue my teaching profession and enrich more lives.

I consider my son as a source of optimism as he has given me another reason to live my life. I want to live long to take care of him and see his smiling face everyday. I love enjoying every moment of my life with my family and spending time with them gives me satisfaction and happiness. Looking after my son and preparing food for family are the things which give me a solid reason to stay in this world and love my life.

In the end, I would say to everyone to follow your dreams and have faith in yourself.

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Apno Ko Apne Dum Pe Jeena Sikhao

It is often said the behind every success, there is someone special person. It could be a mentor, guide, family member or a teacher. I consider myself as very lucky to find that special person in my life too. It is my brother who is my real hero and has made a big impact on my life. I feel more connected and open to my brother than anyone else in the world. He is a true inspiration and my care taker right from the childhood days. I have seen him always sacrificing his resources, time and everything just to fulfil my wishes and dreams. He has dedicated and considered me as a daughter than a sister till date.

I was just 8 years old when my father had serious health problems and he would remain sick most of the time. The doctor also advised him not to travel and do business which does not require physical work. I remember my brother took the initiative to take me to school every day on our scooter and drop me at the school gate. He would encourage me to study hard and motivate me to give best performance. I was weak in mathematics and often would cry before the mathematics exam. At that point, he would console me by giving me chocolates and would say “You are the best, you can do it”.

He would often miss his project deadlines and got scolded many times while taking me to Delhi coaching classes when I was preparing for engineering entrance exams. He was really protective and made me believe that I am a strong person. He taught me certain fighting moves too so that I can be self dependent while travelling alone and fight against the eve teasers.

There was a day when I got my leg fractured while cycling and there were internal exams in next two days. The doctor had advised me complete bed rest and I felt I would miss them. He motivated me to win over the pain and gave me strength plus will power. Further, he took the pain and went me with me to the class room and sit beside me so that I can write the internal exams.

Then came the important decision related to my career and I was selected to one of reputed engineering colleges but my parents did not wanted me to go out of town and study. Even I had a fear about living alone away from my family and friends. It was difficult times but my brother took the initiative to convince me that I am strong and have ability to make our family proud. He told me that nothing can be achieved without giving some input and determination. He travelled with me to drop me at the college hostel and stayed with me for two stays to make me comfortable.

I think his decision was right for me and today I have completed my education and got placement in multinational company which could not be possible without him pushing me to the limits and taking care of me. I salute him for his unconditional love and efforts to give me a good career and opportunity in my life.

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