Apno Ko Apne Dum Pe Jeena Sikhao

It is often said the behind every success, there is someone special person. It could be a mentor, guide, family member or a teacher. I consider myself as very lucky to find that special person in my life too. It is my brother who is my real hero and has made a big impact on my life. I feel more connected and open to my brother than anyone else in the world. He is a true inspiration and my care taker right from the childhood days. I have seen him always sacrificing his resources, time and everything just to fulfil my wishes and dreams. He has dedicated and considered me as a daughter than a sister till date.

I was just 8 years old when my father had serious health problems and he would remain sick most of the time. The doctor also advised him not to travel and do business which does not require physical work. I remember my brother took the initiative to take me to school every day on our scooter and drop me at the school gate. He would encourage me to study hard and motivate me to give best performance. I was weak in mathematics and often would cry before the mathematics exam. At that point, he would console me by giving me chocolates and would say “You are the best, you can do it”.

He would often miss his project deadlines and got scolded many times while taking me to Delhi coaching classes when I was preparing for engineering entrance exams. He was really protective and made me believe that I am a strong person. He taught me certain fighting moves too so that I can be self dependent while travelling alone and fight against the eve teasers.

There was a day when I got my leg fractured while cycling and there were internal exams in next two days. The doctor had advised me complete bed rest and I felt I would miss them. He motivated me to win over the pain and gave me strength plus will power. Further, he took the pain and went me with me to the class room and sit beside me so that I can write the internal exams.

Then came the important decision related to my career and I was selected to one of reputed engineering colleges but my parents did not wanted me to go out of town and study. Even I had a fear about living alone away from my family and friends. It was difficult times but my brother took the initiative to convince me that I am strong and have ability to make our family proud. He told me that nothing can be achieved without giving some input and determination. He travelled with me to drop me at the college hostel and stayed with me for two stays to make me comfortable.

I think his decision was right for me and today I have completed my education and got placement in multinational company which could not be possible without him pushing me to the limits and taking care of me. I salute him for his unconditional love and efforts to give me a good career and opportunity in my life.

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