Look Up Stories

I consider my elders and parents as very important in my life. They have taught me so many things in life and remain positive and optimistic. Being a woman in closed society, it is not easy as there are more social duties to be fulfilled. But I want to thank everyone in my life that have supported me some way or the other to help me stand on my foot and live a life of dignity and being a successful women. I would like to thank my parents, husband plus my family members, teachers and many more who have guided me to always #Lookup and be a fighter in my life.

The journey of becoming a successful teacher and housewife at the same time was not very easy for me. I had to go through lot of emotional pain and hard work to clear all the barriers. It was a tough mental challenge to play different roles from being a wife, mother and a teacher. There were certain stages when I felt giving it up my dream to teach students in the school and give something back to the society. Coming back to the days of struggle days, I had just completed my graduation and wanted to get my first job as a school primary teacher. But I got married due to my parents wish and had a feeling that my dream would not be fulfilled. But it was husband who completely understood me and gave me optimism and hopes to continue my job search and fulfil my dream to become a teacher. It was very difficult as other family members were against it but somehow my husband become my strength and motivated me to give interviews. With god blessing and confidence, I managed to grab my first job and felt very happy that my dream was fulfilled. Further morning prayers and teaching kids helps me to stay calm and brings joy in my life.

Today is just another day when I have completed more than ten years of teaching thousands of students and being a successful house maker too. There were issues when I had my baby and I thought of leaving my teaching job but then my mother-in law took the decision to take care of my baby and I could go to school. I feel happy today when I meet my old students and listen to their success stories. Their respect and token of appreciation acts an aspiration for me to continue my teaching profession and enrich more lives.

I consider my son as a source of optimism as he has given me another reason to live my life. I want to live long to take care of him and see his smiling face everyday. I love enjoying every moment of my life with my family and spending time with them gives me satisfaction and happiness. Looking after my son and preparing food for family are the things which give me a solid reason to stay in this world and love my life.

In the end, I would say to everyone to follow your dreams and have faith in yourself.

This post is written  https://housing.com/lookup #LookUp campaign and Indiblogger.

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