Start A New Life

Everyone wants to live a life like king size and want to be successful in life. But it is only few who are able to make it the top most position and other lost their way or has personal issues or situations which are not under control. I also wanted to do something different when I was young and had a passion to join Indian Navy and be a commanding naval officer. I wanted to be part of republic day parade and live for my country and protecting the Indian seas. I was good in swimming in school and even went to coaching classes to learn the tricks and get trained for written and oral exams. Then it was the most important day of my life when I went to give my entrance exam and cleared the same with good percentile. Next step was the interview rounds and I had tough time cracking it but managed to pass it. The only last hurdle was left for me was clearing the medical examination. I was very happy at this moment to see getting myself closer to my dream.

But something went wrong and I was declared unfit and not up to the standards as per navy medical requirements. It was the worst day of my life to hear this news and I could not control myself for crying for many days. I had given my best but did not make it through the last hurdle. It was at that point my friends came to my and motivated me to forget it and move forward in life as there are so many more fields to explore life.

With passage of time, I was able to overcome and control my emotions and decided to move forward in life. I took it as a challenge and decided to follow another passion of teaching young students and become a professional teacher. I felt that teacher is the right profession for me as I can bring the changes in many other lives. Though everyone in family was against it because it was low salary job but still I decided to go ahead with my decision. After three years of teaching, I got married and my family members asked me to leave this teacher job and be a housewife to take family responsibility.

It was again a big decision in my life and I had no choice to quit my job. But I took the bold step and started my own coaching centre this time with my all funds and taking a loan from bank plus managing the household. Everyone in my area did not like my decision as my husband was earning handsome salary but I took the courage to face everyone and stand for myself. Now it has been more than ten years and I have taught hundreds of student and feel very satisfied with my decision.

I find happiness in teaching and it gave me a new life.

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