Living Together

I always feel lucky to live with parents and have a family which is always there for me. It is very sad when I see small children who are on the roads and beg to live a life. It is so good for me to have my family with me which gives me directions and support every day. Their presence in my life give me optimism and motivation to go ahead to do whatever I want to do with full freedom and as per my wishes. Every time when I found myself entangled in life with my head low and loosing self believe then family gives me courage and strength and act as protective cover for menthe success of me and my brother in life goes to our home culture and having unity and living for each other. I consider my home as the central location and everything we do it involves the decision taken after consideration of every suggestion and point of view of family members. The decision of buying a car or first house, changing the room paint and texture, purchasing a sofa or anything which could be small or big is only done after we sit together and come to the conclusion. Happiness to me and having joy in life is when I see my father getting promotion or brother getting a good marks or my mom making delicious food for family. These are the moments which make my day and living for each other is the way to enjoy each second of my life.

I remember that in my childhood days when I used to get cough or fever and were sick. The family would pray for me and my grandparents would rush to my home and give me traditional medicines and stuff to make it less painful for me. My mother would opt for holiday from her job and would sit around me for hours. My brother would go to market and do all the stuff from bringing medicines and my home work. Then my father would come home early from work and give me chocolates and take me to doctor for consultation. Even everyone would take care of me till I slept. In the school days, many times I would not be able to learn everything and had problems in studies and even mom could not help me as she was busy and come late from office. Then my brother and grandfather would teach me in day time and helped in my syllabus. After my school, I got admission in Gurgaon and had to live in hostel alone. I was always missing my home and food but my parents would drive every weekend for hours to my hostel and we spend all day together. Such moments makes me proud of my family when we hold each other hand and do things together.

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