Kellogg’s Waale Guptaji ka Nashta

Breakfast is the time when I have to do multiple tasks while managing household chores and also prepare breakfast for my family plus pack lunch box for my husband. I do not know about others but I think preparing breakfast it is the most difficult thing for me as my children do not tell about what to cook for them in the breakfast. I understand them completely and I had similar experience in my childhood too. Children often find the regular home cooked food boring and do not want to eat same breakfast every day. They always want to have junk food like burger or pizza and other such type of food. But as a mother I want them to consume the right food which has good proportion of vitamins, rich in carbohydrates and other supplements essential for their growth and development.

Preparing such breakfast which is healthy and good in taste was difficult for me until I came to know about Guptaji and learnt about their way of preparing the morning breakfast and helping me to solve my breakfast problem. The best part about their food is that it is lighter and includes more calories and no cholesterol. It takes less time to prepare and cook the recipe and consumes less oil. I am really excited to prepare those dishes for my family but before that I would love to visit them and indulge in talk about their way of getting this idea of using cornflakes to prepare the morning breakfast. I am really surprised to know about their way to prepare so many different dishes and all with help of Kellogg’s cornflakes. Some of the famous dishes from their breakfast menu are Cornflakes Peanut Chikki, Chapatti Cornflakes Chivda and Cornflakes Anjeer Porridge. Their breakfast menu also included sweets and snacks plus Cornflakes salad. Children love sweet and often we as parents stop them from having chocolate and other sweets. But Guptaji has come with innovative way to make sure children are happy with recipe like Cornflake Walnut Chocolate Muffin and Cornflakes Sheera

I like this way of breakfast than my present way as it includes a full meal course. As a mother of two kids, I want them to intake breakfast which is healthy and give them energy to stay active and do not worry about food. This will help me to bring more happiness to my family and also I will be tension free and satisfied. I want to visit and have breakfast with them so that I could explore more ways of cooking and using cornflakes as they have so many recipes with them as per different occasions’ want to see what is there in their menu especially for different purposes. I am looking to get invite and get the chance to have this awesome breakfast at Guptaji house.

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