Celebrate My Life Moments

I am simple and ordinary human being and do not believe in show off and never try to prove my identity on basis of resources like money and wealth. I always feel people try to earn more and more money out of greed and still miss the happiness in their life. I want to share about my things that help me to lead a happy life and celebrate every moment. I always feel lucky to live with parents and have a family which is always there for me. It is so good for me to have my family with me which gives me directions and support every day. Their presence in my life give me optimism and motivation to go ahead to do whatever I want to do with full freedom and as per my wishes. I consider my home as the central location and everything we do it involves the decision taken after consideration of every suggestion and point of view of family members. Celebrating life and having joy in life is when I see my father getting promotion or brother getting a good marks or my mom making delicious food for family.

The journey of becoming a successful teacher and housewife at the same time has given me so much of love and blessings in my life.These are the moments which make my day and living for each other is the way to enjoy each second of my life. I find happiness in teaching and it gave me a new life. I feel happy today when I meet my old students and listen to their success stories. Their respect and token of appreciation acts an aspiration for me to continue my teaching profession and enrich more lives. Such moments help me to stay motivated and start fresh again.

My family and children are very important for me. I consider my son as a source of optimism as he has given me another reason to live my life. I want to live long to take care of him and see his smiling face every day. I love enjoying every moment of my life with my family and spending time with them gives me satisfaction and happiness. Looking after my son and preparing food for family are the things which give me a solid reason to stay in this world and love my life.

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