My Airtel App

Innovation in mobiles and introduction of apps has made these phones more usable and important part of our daily life. Smart phone with apps has given us opportunity to connect with friends and do things which could have taken hours and even whole day few years ago. Airtel has now come forward to connect with its users thought its #MyAirtelApp in order to fulfil mobile payment user requirements and give smooth integration plus convenient utility in present scenario right from the Smartphone.

Being an airtel mobile user, I downloaded this airtel app over my Smartphone in order to eliminate the old way of calling customer call centre to get solution of my all issues to relate to airtel plans and recharges. I would like to tell three reasons about the latest My Airtel App and reasons how it simplifies my experience in using airtel services.

Airtel Surprise feature

It is so brilliant and incredible to know that #MyAirtelApp that airtel gives free coupons of various renowned brands. The coupons with recharge can help me in saving my pocket money and it brings happiness to me as I can buy different products online with e-commerce coupons at discounted price. I like this airtel surprise scheme as there is chance to get cash back with every recharge. Happiness to me is when I get surprise gift from my friends and family member. I am impressed with shaking your phone aspect of this app which helps to get exclusive offers on talk time and recharge services.

Secure Payment System

The internet and computer has threat of virus and hacking and people still do not trust websites and call centres who ask for the credit card number and other personal information. Airtel app has PCIDSS certification which enhances the credibility and trust. I can now feel more confident while giving my financial details as airtel app ensures safe and secure payment system. I can save my time as the app can help out in quick checkout as it can store my card information and recharge can be completed in few seconds.

User Friendly “I want to” feature

Mobile phone is good till the time internet and recharge is not below minimum level. I have to sometime limit my mobile usage so that I have internet and mobile balance in emergency situation. Airtel app enhances my experience as it analyse my data and gives me exact amount of internet consumed by me and also helps me view my past bill summary. There is no need to contact customer service anymore as all the important information is their regarding airtel services in the app itself.

Certainly airtel has taken everything into consideration while designing this user friendly app. It eliminates use of physical documents and looks very effective to me for paying my bills while enjoying the airtel offers.

Superlative child health care offerings in Bangalore

Children and youth are going to be the future of the country and it is important that proper care and medical attention should be provided to children. With increasing pollution and other health hazards, children are being affected as they are more sensitive to getting fever and other issues. In past few years we have seen increasing number of cases related to children health in Bangalore. We need experienced and team of pediatricians in Bangalore who have a holistic approach and can solve child health problems. Children need medical attention right after their birth. They must go through regular nutrition assessment and given vaccination as part of preventive healthcare. Through this blog post I would like to share information about pediatrics in Bangalore so that children health problems can be addressed in time.

Advanced Pediatrics – Apollo Hospitals

Apollo Hospital is known for its special attention for child healthcare and its specialized practices for pediatrics in Bangalore. Their Advanced Pediatrics is built as per international standard and norms to handle complex children health problems. They have arrangement to give best treatment related to children neurological and orthopaedic problems and other issues. Apollo hospital also includes state of art modern facilities known as Apollo Cradle with best pediatric consultants. They are very helpful and supportive and help in new born screening ensuring children safety at early age. They have special screening package for baby and children to detect any major health issues before it become serious.

Sakra World Hospital

Parents have fear in their mind when children are facing health issues. But one you enter the childcare centre at Sakra World Hospital, and then all your tension gets eliminated. The hospital is known for its child friendly behaviour and has a special gaming area. Their Paediatric intensive care operates 24 hours a day and includes all the advanced facilities like ventilator machine and other equipments. It further aims to create awareness in society for prevention and control of communicable diseases and motivating children to eat fruits and vegetable than junk food.

Cloudnine Hospital – Malleshwaram

This hospital offers a comprehensive health care for children with their expert team of doctors, nurses and other staff who are present to give full support and attend patients any time of the day. With most modern facilities, parents can relax while their children are getting treatment. They have also won award as the best mother & child care service provider in 2014.

Ek Nayi League

Cricket is not just sports but followed like religion in our country. All credit goes to great sportsperson of this country Kapil Dev for his awesome performance in the world cup in England. He is true legend who has inspired lot of people and I feel proud and motivated by his great achievement. It has come to my notice recently that great Kapil Dev is bringing a new idea on the table which can revolutionize the whole nation. He recently made his debut on twitter to announce about this new way of playing known as #EkNayiLeague with full of optimism and can redefine the whole sports experience.

This is still a mystery about what is this all #EkNayiLeague about. There are not many clues which can reveal about this new league but Kapil Dev himself has posted some videos which gives a slight impression about this new phenomenon or league. There is an indication that league requires strong challenge and hard fight with mental toughness to overcome the opponent in the league. Kapil dev mentions about Yuvraj Singh who is the true fighter in life and his passion for cricket. Further he appreciates his success in getting paid the maximum money in the Indian Premier League after overcoming cancer. He also talks about the Television superstar Kapil Sharma who runs the popular comedy show and throws googly to the guest with his jokes. Kapil dev indicates that league will throw the open challenge to kapil as his funny character and skill will not work there.

My perception about this league is that it could involve people who have got success in different sports will come together to motivate people to take interest in sports and win medals for India. The new league may be such that it does not have any age bar limit and anyone can participate. The new league also encourages women to be associated with it as Kapil highlights the achievements of Sania Mirza who has made India proud by her achievements in tennis arena.

Kapil dev message is clear that league is more than just a sports challenge but also involve use of cognitive thinking and be alert at all times. The new league format could be such that emotions do not play a major role in deciding the winner. There is a chance of getting out or hit wicket if you play with heart. I think the league is also directed to people who are busy in life or missed their opportunity in their childhood and early stages of life. The league could support these people and give them a chance to start all over again and be associated with sports.

I am follower of Kapil Dev and love him for his dedication to support cricket. I believe that this league will also help bring happiness to many people in India. I wish him luck for this upcoming league. Link –

This Blog post is about Ek Nayi League.

Top obstetrician and gynaecologists in Jaipur

Motherhood is the most important and critical stage of like both for mother and child. It is important that proper medical care and attention should be provided from puberty stage and even after child is born. But many times this is not possible due to lack of proper medical facilities and amenties.This problem still exist in non metro cities like Jaipur where there are more patients and very less doctors. Finding the top obstetrician and gynaecologist in Jaipur is still a big problem till the time some major investment is done in building medical colleges and better government hospitals. In last few years, there is increase in number of cases related to high risk pregnancy, Infertility and other complex issues which indicates more number of healthcare profession to take care of obstetrics and gynaecology in Jaipur.Through this blog post I would like to share information about gynaecologist in Jaipur so that women health problems can be addressed in time-

Dr. Shallu Kakkar in Fortis Escorts Hospital

Fortis is one of the best hospitals in Jaipur which provides platform for personalized and comfortable motherhood experience from pre birth to post delivery stage. Fortis employees are highly trained and experienced doctors like Dr. Shallu Kakkar. She has vast experience of 18 years in Obstetrics & Gynaecology and has specialized in infertility management and Obstetrics & Gynaecology surgeries. Fortis hospital is equipped with best equipment and technological aid to handle all kinds of complex issues related to women health.

Dr. Rekha Bhandari in Bhandari Hospital and Research Centre

This hospital has a department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology which deals with issues related to female reproductive system. The doctors here are trained in Normal & Complicated Deliveries and other issues which can pose problem to both child and mother health.Dr. Rekha Bhandari has over 25 years of experience in this field and is the major source of inspiration for other doctors.

Dr. Savita Bansal in Manipal Hospital

Talking about Manipal Hospital, It has all the most modern facilities and has professionals Dr. Savita Bansal to take care of high risk pregnancy and complex surgeries during the stage of child birth. The quality of medical services provided here are at equivalent to international standards. Her team also involves Dr. Anju Soni who is consultant Obstetrics & Gynaecology and specialist in helping women to stay active and healthy.

I would highly recommend to consult these doctors in case of facing any issues related to pregnancy and other women health related issues.

Best Gynaecology services in Delhi

Let me first tell you more about this word “Gynaecology”. It is related to women reproductive system and other major issues which can happen during pregnancy. Major and critical issues related to Gynaecology” are high risk pregnancy, Infertility analysis and management. If you are diagnosed with any disease related to women reproductive system, then you must first find the appropriate hospital or clinic which is equipped with best equipment and technological aid and give you personalized attention without any delay. It is also recommended to consult a Gynaecologist in Delhi if you have any type of questions or misconceptions related to pregnancy, family planning and sex related issues.But with increasing number of women patients and lack of quality medical facilities, finding the best and affordable obstetrics and gynaecology in Delhi is very difficult these days. Some of the best Gynaecology services in Delhi which provides special attention for healthcare for women are -The Institute of Obs. & Gynaecology at the Saket City Hospital

This institute is the best in terms of providing best and advanced treatment and maternity services with its latest technology and machines. It provides one stop solution and platform for smooth and comfortable motherhood experience from pre to post delivery care conditions. There is special attention taken care of mother in case some complex conditions with help of fully equipped Labor Delivery Rooms (LDR) and Neonatal units are also installed for baby care. Further they have team of trained and experienced doctors to handle critical Gynaecological problems faced during pregnancy.

Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals

It is considered as the renowned multispecialty hospital in North India and has the best team of gynaecologist in Delhi to operate during women pregnancy, pre and post childbirth problems. This hospital has also won CNBC award as the best single specialty Hospital for Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Though it is quite expensive but still popular for all kinds of complex issues related to women health.

Park Hospital

Park hospital is known for its special attention for women healthcare and its specialized practices in gynaecology. The hospital has ultra modern facilities to deal with emergency situation and is fully air-conditioned with power back up. It is located in main city and easily accessible. Booking an appointment for consulting the doctor is very much simple process.

There are many other private clinic and nursing home which offers Gynaecology services in Delhi. Some of them offer to book an appointment via email or through their website too.