My Airtel App

Innovation in mobiles and introduction of apps has made these phones more usable and important part of our daily life. Smart phone with apps has given us opportunity to connect with friends and do things which could have taken hours and even whole day few years ago. Airtel has now come forward to connect with its users thought its #MyAirtelApp in order to fulfil mobile payment user requirements and give smooth integration plus convenient utility in present scenario right from the Smartphone.

Being an airtel mobile user, I downloaded this airtel app over my Smartphone in order to eliminate the old way of calling customer call centre to get solution of my all issues to relate to airtel plans and recharges. I would like to tell three reasons about the latest My Airtel App and reasons how it simplifies my experience in using airtel services.

Airtel Surprise feature

It is so brilliant and incredible to know that #MyAirtelApp that airtel gives free coupons of various renowned brands. The coupons with recharge can help me in saving my pocket money and it brings happiness to me as I can buy different products online with e-commerce coupons at discounted price. I like this airtel surprise scheme as there is chance to get cash back with every recharge. Happiness to me is when I get surprise gift from my friends and family member. I am impressed with shaking your phone aspect of this app which helps to get exclusive offers on talk time and recharge services.

Secure Payment System

The internet and computer has threat of virus and hacking and people still do not trust websites and call centres who ask for the credit card number and other personal information. Airtel app has PCIDSS certification which enhances the credibility and trust. I can now feel more confident while giving my financial details as airtel app ensures safe and secure payment system. I can save my time as the app can help out in quick checkout as it can store my card information and recharge can be completed in few seconds.

User Friendly “I want to” feature

Mobile phone is good till the time internet and recharge is not below minimum level. I have to sometime limit my mobile usage so that I have internet and mobile balance in emergency situation. Airtel app enhances my experience as it analyse my data and gives me exact amount of internet consumed by me and also helps me view my past bill summary. There is no need to contact customer service anymore as all the important information is their regarding airtel services in the app itself.

Certainly airtel has taken everything into consideration while designing this user friendly app. It eliminates use of physical documents and looks very effective to me for paying my bills while enjoying the airtel offers.

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