#ComeCloser to Radiant Skin

Our life is full of stress and tensions from earning money, fighting daily issues, playing different roles in the family. With increasing pollution and global warming, Humans are being affected and they are more sensitive to getting skin issues and other health problems. I remember my grandmother used to rely on plants and her own formula for treating everything related to skin and immune system. On the other hand my made was more into using Ayurvedic cream popularly known as VICCO Turmeric Cream. It is no surprise that the cream is still used by mom.

I still remember that my grandmother gave me a small diary to write all about her instructions regarding the natural way of treating different kinds of skin issues without using any form of medicine or injecting chemicals. Her advice is still valid and hold true I am happy that there is presence of medicinal plants which help to cope skin infections with its anti oxidant properties and have different type of natural ingredients. I want to point out some of the natural remedies to all my readers so that they can have a glowing skin and able to enjoy their life in a better way and indirectly stay healthy. I hope these tips will help to solve your skin problems without using any face cream.

1. Use of Besan with turmeric and lemon drops

Applying this mixture every week helps to cool down face and make it a lot more radiant and extra shine to it. In order to get maximum benefit, you must apply the pack mixture for 15 minutes and then wash off with water. You will immediately feel layer of freshness.

2. Balanced Diet and Intake of Water

Please make sure that you consume the right food which has good proportion of vitamins, rich in carbohydrates and other supplements essential for your growth and development. Make a habit to drink water after every hour otherwise skin is affected when u are dehydrated.

3. Right amount of Sleep 

Adequate rest and sleep of at least 6 hours a day is must and also an important thing and gives me energy to stay fresh and get ready for next day. If you have a new born baby then right before the sleep, I would say to rub his hands and legs with almond oil so that it gives flexibility to his skin and make his bones strong.

4. Sandalwood and Mud Powder

Pimples are common problem for adolescents and teenagers. It can be a big headache and can be irritating. This complex problem can be tackled by using sandalwood powder or mud powder with rose water on the affected area where pimple develops. Just leave it for few minutes and then wash the face. Following this process helps to remove blackheads and eliminate excess oil from the face.

In the end, all I wish now that is healthy and happy as that is the mantra to enjoy life.

VICCO Turmeric Cream


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