Zangoora show hangover

It was Sunday morning and my husband took me the one of the best entertainment place in town known as Kingdom of Dreams. Around 7pm, we reached Kingdom of Dreams and we bought tickets to Zangoora show with culture gully entry. Then we all set to enter the culture gully. I was really excited to see such a beautiful work of art at the front gate and once I entered the main area. As I looked up the sky, I felt it was morning time and there was change in lighting conditions. It felt as if everything was real and out of the world. Then we went to explore and discover different state items which included local arts, artefacts and their creations. There were also several dance performances by different states in their local language and performance in their traditional dresses.

After eating some delicious food at different states, we went for the Zangoora show. It was my first time and was so excited and anxious to see the story behind it. There was no camera or mobile phones allowed. We got seated and waited for the show to start and Hassan who plays the main role to role from the air and fly towards the stage. It was fifteen minutes and people started to get irritated about why the show has not started as per the schedule time. Then a gentle announcement came that show will not run today. We were really upset to hear it and stated to move out of the theatre. But then I saw a group of dancers emerging from somewhere and Allu Arjun was in the middle of the group. The people were surprised to see him there and started to clap as he showed some sensational dance moves. I could not believe myself that he was in front of menthe atmosphere completely changed within a minute and people who were unhappy got excited and started to dance right where they were sitting. Allu Arjun continued to rock the stage and then Anushka Manchanda came to join him. Anushka voice was like magic to my ears and I loved all the bollywood songs. I could not hold myself when she started Behke Behka from Aisha movie and Dance Basanti from Ungli movie. It was like a dream concert night for me. The best moment was Allu Arjun came down the stage and shook the legs with young audience and I also got the chance to shake a leg with him. The show ended with round applause for both the artists.

“I am blogging for #MaxFreshMove activity Are you?

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