MaxFreshMove in Flight

In everyone lives, there are certain occasion or life changing moments which are always special and hold important place in your heart and remembered throughout till we die. For me, it was the moment when I got the experience to watch Anushka Manchanda performing with Allu Arjun during my visit to Goa in Christmas holidays with my friends. This trip was very special to me and included everything from adventure, excitement, emotions and having leisure time. The trip started with long drive in GOA cab taking me to one of luxury resorts in Goa at five star hotels. I was really excited to see beach side and it was something unique which I had never experienced in my lifetime. I was really happy enjoying the natural view and freshness in the air.

We had bookings for the Sunburn festival and had all the arrangements to watch the performance of Samadhi Chauhan and Sonu Nigam.We reached the venue on time and was sitting in the front row. There were thousands of people there waiting for them to make their Christmas special. I had a huge expectation and thought that their presence would bring energy and enthusiasm in the cloud. Out of nowhere the rain started and then came the bad news that the singers were not able to host the eventual my dreams were shattered and it looked as if my whole trip got ruined and was spoilt. I was in really bad mood that day.

Next day we were headed back to airport to catch the flight. I was sitting in the plane and looking into the pictures clicked by my phone when suddenly we heard a voice by a flight attendant. She was on microphone and told that there is a surprise for all the fans in order to make their journey special. Before I could understand anything, Anushka Manchanda was holding the mike and started to sing Dance Basanti song from one of bollywood movie. The crowd supported the airline move and started to clap as she sang the song in her sweet voice. The passenger were enjoying every moment in the sky and then Allu Arjun wearing his shining dress came from somewhere and started to show his crazy dance moves. He was dancing and air hostess supported him while Anushka sang the song. Then the The ‘Dhatad Tatad’ song by Anushka and Allu Arjun in flight performance was so sensational and delight to watch. The in-flight entertainment brought energy and we really enjoyed their thirty minutes short concert. By that time the pilot made the announcement and we landed in another ten minutes. It was the best flight of my life and my happiness was immense at the moment and tears could not stop at the time seeing my favourite singer Anushka Manchanda and Allu Arjun. It is great to have such moments in life.

“I am blogging for #MaxFreshMove activity Are you?

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