Expressing my love to Dad

I always feel lucky to live with parents and have a family which is always there for me. It is so good for me to have my father with me which gives me directions and support every day. His presence in my life give me optimism and motivation to go ahead to do whatever I want to do with full freedom and as per my wishes. I consider my home as the central location and everything we do it involves the decision taken after consideration of every suggestion and point of view of family members. I want to live long to take care of him and see his smiling face every day. I love enjoying every moment of my life with my father and spending time with them gives me satisfaction and happiness.

Every time when I found myself entangled in life with my head low and loosing self believe then family gave me courage and strength and act as protective cover for merit was at such point that he came to me and motivated me to move forward in life. I remember that in my childhood days when I used to get cough or fever than my father would opt for work from home and would sit around me for hours while managing everything with help of landline phone. He would give me chocolates and take me to doctor for consultation and would take care of me till I slept. After my school, I got admission in Gurgaon and had to live in hostel alone. I was always missing my home and food but my father would drive every weekend to my hostel and spend all day together with me.

I have never given anything to him on father day or gave him anything big till date except from a smartphone.The best quality of my dad is that he is very simple and ordinary human being and do not believe in show off on basis of resources like money and wealth. He believes in honesty and has inspired lot of people and I feel proud and motivated by his great work all these years. This is the reason that I want to express my emotions through hug and touching his feet. I want to get his blessing and show out my sentiments towards him. All I hope now that he likes it and we can then have a family dinner in his favourite restaurant.

“This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.”


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