Father’s day

I am proud of my dad and this father day, I want to hug him from bottom of my heart and promise him to follow all his instructions in the present and future. He deserves everything from me and not just a hug. As a father, he supports me for everything which is right and motivates me to give my best. I like to get the attention and love from parents which are most important thing in the child.

Today I will say that certainly time flies with flash of seconds as I try to remember the day from school time when mathematics always gave me stress and feeling of anxiety. My performance in my school test in maths was always poor no matter how much I tried to practice questions. Securing marks in this subject was a challenge for me and I always tried to run away from it. My father knew that I was under pressure but he personally taught me all the complex questions and give me so much practice that I become good in this subject and able to overcome mathematics fear. Vacations made me smile as my father would take leave from his work and would be present with me twenty fours a day. He would take us to picnic spots, adventure parks and famous historical places in India. We would travel via train, bus and public transport to reach different places which made our journey awesome. I had a passion to join Indian Navy and be a commanding naval officer. But something went wrong and I was declared unfit and not up to the standards as per navy medical requirements. It was the worst day of my life to hear this news and I could not control myself for crying for many days. It was my father who acted like fire fighter for me and I was able to overcome and control my emotions and decided to move forward in life. I still try to follow his advice about brushing our teeth twice, groom ourselves in neat clothes, polish our shoes and cut my finger nails.

I cannot neglect that there are times at home when my father thoughts do not match and we often get into quarrel. This all causes disturbance but we both appreciate and have respect for each other and are able to handle issues with unity. I feel my father has superb knowledge and experience and whether it is the decision of buying a car or first house, changing the room paint and texture, purchasing a sofa or anything which could be small or big is only done after we both sit together and come to the conclusion. I hope this relationship becomes stronger this father’s day with hug.

“This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.”

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