Perfect Valentine at home

Valentine day is special day when we propose to our loved ones and make it special for each other. I often hear about gifting personalized gifts from customized tees, coffee mugs, calendar and photo frames. Though these offers are good for and trying out once but a girl like me is looking for his love and affection for me and it does not require showing his macho look or taking any risk for me. The statement holds true that money cannot buy happiness and love. Then there are offers from various e-commerce website offering discounts on candle light dinner, special travel packages at famous tourists spots with on call bouquet services, hill top photo shoot and many other ways of celebrating this valentine day and ways of proposing your love. Then I found this article which gives me best idea about celebrating valentine day in the perfect manner at home itself.

Now if you ask me about these proposal offers and lucrative deals, I would prefer my husband to make it simple as given in the article and be honest with the proposal rather than spending money on creating background scenery and showing off. If I have to make a proposal to him on valentine day then it would be not require much planning and quite similar to that as given in the article. My husband loves watching television and play movies on pen drive after coming from office. My proposal plan would be make a short video using a movie editor which will include all our memories from the point when we first met then marriage pictures and the places we visited together. After the pictures, I would give my love message with his importance in my life and that my life is not complete without him. Then before it ends, I would give him a clue that now come to the balcony for a surprise.

After compiling it everything, I would copy the video in a pen drive one day prior to the proposal day. On valentine day when he comes back from work, I would give him the pen drive with movie and tell him to see it while I am going to balcony. After watching my video, he will have a clue and come to balcony where I will be standing with a gold chain and flowers. I would hug him tight and say “I love you” in his ears. I will further treat him with a chocolate cake prepared by me and his name written on it and us both cutting the cake together and having a bite from single slice.

I feel my plan would work out and valentine day will be special for both of us. Thanks to Rewardme for this beautiful idea which I will try for sure in coming valentine day next year.

“I am participating in the ‘Ready For Rewards’ activity for Rewardme in association with BlogAdda.”

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