Improving Family -Work Balance

Things have changed now over the years and after reading this article I feel there is need of change in my mindset as a parent. Usually I spend less time with family and children. I had perception that that vacations with family as waste of time and instead put my children in coaching classes. There is a need to maintain work life balance which I have understood now and have got cool ideas too. Link to the article:

The article pinpoints out that it’s time to manage time effectively by Prioritizing and Scheduling things. Now I think I will make a time table for myself and limit my working hours and switch off the phone when at home. Further I am looking forward to visiting different places and having a good time with family. It will help me to reduce both physical and mental stress of my children which they have to suffer these days due to studies. But before going out and packing your bags for a vacation trip, I will talk to them about the place and also take into consideration his liking. Giving love and attention from me is most important thing in the child. Getting my small kid ready for school or playing with him will make me relax and strengthen my bond with them. As a parent, I must give freedom to kids and give them little relaxation as kids want to try new stuff and taste different food. I will go with them on shopping on weekends and buy dresses and toys from local shops and take pictures with them. This could be memorable when kids grow up. When I was kid, I used to visit the local museums or places of historical importance with father and now I want to follow the same tradition. Most of the time I skip parent teacher meeting of my kids but I think I need to give more time to them and look at their studies and progress report. I need to learn the art of time management and maintain good relations in the office and at home.Work from home can be a possiblity if I am able to get permission.This will help me spend time with kids and we can have lunch when they come back from school.

The article is worth every word and helped me with some great ideas which I can implement and be a good parent. I would try to follow these tips mentioned in the article and spend more time with my kids and make them happy.

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