Songs for me

Music is my life and I like to listen to songs when I get time and any time of the day.Music is like soul to me which helps to unwind myself and stay away from all the tensions and worries in my life for few hours atleast.I am kind of girl who like to keep all the latest songs in my smartphone and download them once in a week.With my blog today,I would like to share my playlist of songs which are close to my heart.

The number one song for me is the Queen movie song London Thumakda in which Kangana Ranaut shows her dancing moves.I like the song and never get tired of listening to it.

Second song in my playlist is the Nadaan Parindey Ghar Aaja starring Ranbir Kapoor from “Rockstar” and composed by one and only A R Rahman.His songs always add to my playlist and he impresses me everytime.

Third song is what I love is shopping.This songs takes me to delhi shopping circuit and I have made this as my ringtone.

I love Ranveer Singh a lot and I never miss out to watch any of his movies.His Ainvayi_Ainvayi Lut Gaya song which is from Band Baja Barat is still my hit list song and I love to dance on this song with friends and relatives.

I am fan of Pani Da Rang song because of its amazing lyrics and the way it is sung by Ayushman Khurana.

This song was known to me as the name suggests Why This Kolaveri Di by Dhanush and Anirudh.But when it started to trend on social media and online,I too downloaded it and found it crazy and little weird.But after listening to it two-three times,I started to love its tune and this is how it ended in my playlist.

Holi is festival of colors and Balam Pichkari song from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani is best to suit that occassion.I like the song and its words a lot.The dhol beats in the song sets up the mood when playing Holi with friends.

I am proud to be an Indian and love to cheer my country by going to stadium.Chak de song is one of the best patriotic song in today generation and it gives me energy to support my country.

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag  in which Farhan Akhtar plays the role of legend Milkha Singh is the one which I am listening these days.One of the greatest song of all times.

Last one in my playlist is the Sadda Haq song which makes me realize importance of raising voice and awareness for things which are illegal and against the rules.

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Ways to Feel #FirstLove

Children and youth are going to be the future of the country and it is important that proper care and medical attention should be provided to children. We all know that babies need medical attention right after their birth and till the age of three years minimum. They must go through regular nutrition assessment and given vaccination as part of preventive healthcare. This is one part of it and other part is taking care of their diet and given them adequate massage so that they remain healthy. It is required that both mother and baby gets massage with oil as it is the most important and critical stage of them. I would put more emphasis to baby massage because since the environment is new for the baby and thus it requires more attention.

The baby gets tired after getting adequate rest and sleep of almost 6-8 hours a day and so massage lays out an important role and gives the baby energy to stay fresh and open up his body muscles.  If you have a new born baby then right before the sleep, I would say to rub his hands and legs with oil such as olive or almond oil so that it gives flexibility to his skin and make his bones strong. As a mother you want to take care of your baby and see his smiling face every day. When I say oil massage for my babysit means enjoying every moment of my life with baby and this gives me satisfaction and happiness. It was not easy for me to handle my baby as he was born light weight and was weak and so I had to take extra care of him. I would always keep the baby in my arms and would try to massage him with oil as per doctor directions twice in a day so that he can sleep and feel comfortable in external environment. I always feel lucky to live with parents in law and have a family which is always there for me and have guided me about the right way to give massage to the baby with oil. I feel their direction and using correct techniques of massaging baby has lead to proper care of my baby and has given him right kind of growth. It is very important for baby to go through oil massage for the development of baby no matter if the baby cries for a while. These are the moments which make my day and enjoy each second of my life.

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Freshness for #FirstLove

Recently I started my research about importance of health and nutrition for babies and also why parents do and elders always want to suggest massage for babies using natural remedies and oil. I was completely unaware about the fact the massage oil should have proper amounts of all the nutrients in proper values so that it is effective and take proper skin care for baby. Talking about the massaging oil, it has been found the oil having almond and olive are very successful and are preferred by parents. Thus we should massage with such oil for best for massage and help in best care for skin for babies.

My mother told me that my start of the day when I was a baby used to be with oil massage from my parents and it was their way of wishing them good morning. They considered my health as very important in my life. I was amazed to know from them that how almond and olive have efficiently been used in the massage oils. It has come to my notice that massage oil not only helps in improving bone structure but also improve digestive system and help baby to stay active and healthy. I remember my grandmother used to rely on homemade oil for treating everything related to skin and immune system and giving a massage to my young brother when he was less than two years old. While interacting with her she tells me that massaging helps to cool down body temperature and make skin more radiant and add extra shine to it. Oil massage can be done by all ages from small babies to adults. Oil Massage will add fresh layer of freshness and helps the baby to relax himself. My mom tells that babies feel very happy and content after massage and they do not cry and sleep for hours without disturbing or making any noise. She tells parent should have a habit to massage baby after every six hours as their skin is very sensitive. Baby massage is the key to stay fresh and get baby set up for next day. Skin Dryness is common problem for adolescents and babies. There are also rashes in summer and so baby massage is required. It is common for child to start crying as it like to get the attention and love from parents which are most important thing in the child. Massaging the child makes him calm and gives him rest.

In the end I would add that make sure your baby remains healthy and happy.

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My #MaxFreshMove

Among my all the dance moves my best dance part is the Punjabi style.It helps me to get relaxed and also I feel connected with the family while performing it. My parents always tell me to perform like Allu Arjun does and do not care about rest of the world as no one is watching me.


My dance not only charges up my mood but also of the others.I personally  Often the crowd got mad by seeing my dance and they enjoyed it very much. Listening once more after my performance had become a usual thing for me. But when the elders told me that I am doing the best among my generation as to keep the dance form alive, these words soothe me the most and I thought to myself that this is my biggest achievement.I feel the Allu Arjun is big inspiration for me and his sensational dance moves can make a dull wedding alive.I am into following his dance and will make sure to practice it when I get chance.I like his bhangra move which I am keen to do in wedding coming next month.


Further I want to tell my dance story about a usual Sunday morning,I and my father were going in a nearby municipal auditorium to attend a seminar. The seminar was about the Indian Heritage, I thought that I would get bored by listening about all the historical events but the scenario was quite different there. It was very knowledgeable and among all the topics we were told about I personally got attracted towards the one about the Classical dance form.Indian classical dance have a great importance. It is a sacred form of art, in the past the dance was performed in temples as a form of prayer to the god.I got attracted to the Indian classical dance and asked my father to let me take some classes for it. Firstly, it was very difficult for me to memories all the mudras and to perform them accurately. But with the passage of time and my long determination I step by step turned into a good classical dancer. I then started to perform in the school’s annual function and also participate at various dance competitions. As the fruit of one’s hard work is always sweet I got my reward and in my area  and got to be recognized by a professional dance

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Honey Diet – A sweeter alternative

In our fast life, we forget about our health which generally create many complexions in the body and to overcome this proper balanced diet is required. We often ignore food which is not good looking and does not match our likes and preferences and never have the thought that how great and important it can be for us. We should have dishes which are not only tasty but also healthy for our body. Many times we consume food without even thinking about the fats and oils present in the food and are more concerned about enjoying our meals. Recently I started my research for a good menu about food and also how to make the tasty food in a healthy and nutritious way. I was completely aware about the fact the food we consume should have proper amounts of all the nutritional values. Generally the food to be served in my restaurant should have a good proportion of proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates and calcium. We can try to have better way of cooking food and for that we can opt for the modern ways like in place of frying I go for cooking the food in microwaves with lesser amount of oil, using spices. We all eat lot of sugar daily in sweet and other things and the best thing that can be done is replacement of sugar in my kitchen with honey. This gives rise to a new thing to balanced diet known as Honey Diet.

I was amazed to know that how honey could be used efficiently in our recipes. It is the fact that honey has a very good sweet flavour in it and that can be used in many recipes not only to make the food taste good but also to add nutritional value to the food and to make it healthy. Honey could be used in many things like in beverages, in baking and cooking too. Honey is nature’s natural sweetener which can also cure many diseases. Among the many health benefits of honey, what is most expensive to me is that honey can be a powerful immune system booster. Its antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties can help improve digestive system and help us to stay healthy. Honey is an Anti-Cancer as it possesses carcinogen which prevents developing of tumour in the body. All these factors give an indication that we must have Honey Diet. You can get more information about honey through

Few days back, I cooked simple honey recipe and I got a very good response from my family as they said they liked the food and appreciated that I made so much efforts to make the food nutritious. I have now realized about the importance of a balanced diet and to transform my life in a healthy one. No matter we forget about having a balanced diet but still we should try to eat healthy food than oily food.