Honey Diet – A sweeter alternative

In our fast life, we forget about our health which generally create many complexions in the body and to overcome this proper balanced diet is required. We often ignore food which is not good looking and does not match our likes and preferences and never have the thought that how great and important it can be for us. We should have dishes which are not only tasty but also healthy for our body. Many times we consume food without even thinking about the fats and oils present in the food and are more concerned about enjoying our meals. Recently I started my research for a good menu about food and also how to make the tasty food in a healthy and nutritious way. I was completely aware about the fact the food we consume should have proper amounts of all the nutritional values. Generally the food to be served in my restaurant should have a good proportion of proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates and calcium. We can try to have better way of cooking food and for that we can opt for the modern ways like in place of frying I go for cooking the food in microwaves with lesser amount of oil, using spices. We all eat lot of sugar daily in sweet and other things and the best thing that can be done is replacement of sugar in my kitchen with honey. This gives rise to a new thing to balanced diet known as Honey Diet.

I was amazed to know that how honey could be used efficiently in our recipes. It is the fact that honey has a very good sweet flavour in it and that can be used in many recipes not only to make the food taste good but also to add nutritional value to the food and to make it healthy. Honey could be used in many things like in beverages, in baking and cooking too. Honey is nature’s natural sweetener which can also cure many diseases. Among the many health benefits of honey, what is most expensive to me is that honey can be a powerful immune system booster. Its antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties can help improve digestive system and help us to stay healthy. Honey is an Anti-Cancer as it possesses carcinogen which prevents developing of tumour in the body. All these factors give an indication that we must have Honey Diet. You can get more information about honey through http://www.daburhoney.com/.

Few days back, I cooked simple honey recipe and I got a very good response from my family as they said they liked the food and appreciated that I made so much efforts to make the food nutritious. I have now realized about the importance of a balanced diet and to transform my life in a healthy one. No matter we forget about having a balanced diet but still we should try to eat healthy food than oily food.

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