My #MaxFreshMove

Among my all the dance moves my best dance part is the Punjabi style.It helps me to get relaxed and also I feel connected with the family while performing it. My parents always tell me to perform like Allu Arjun does and do not care about rest of the world as no one is watching me.


My dance not only charges up my mood but also of the others.I personally  Often the crowd got mad by seeing my dance and they enjoyed it very much. Listening once more after my performance had become a usual thing for me. But when the elders told me that I am doing the best among my generation as to keep the dance form alive, these words soothe me the most and I thought to myself that this is my biggest achievement.I feel the Allu Arjun is big inspiration for me and his sensational dance moves can make a dull wedding alive.I am into following his dance and will make sure to practice it when I get chance.I like his bhangra move which I am keen to do in wedding coming next month.


Further I want to tell my dance story about a usual Sunday morning,I and my father were going in a nearby municipal auditorium to attend a seminar. The seminar was about the Indian Heritage, I thought that I would get bored by listening about all the historical events but the scenario was quite different there. It was very knowledgeable and among all the topics we were told about I personally got attracted towards the one about the Classical dance form.Indian classical dance have a great importance. It is a sacred form of art, in the past the dance was performed in temples as a form of prayer to the god.I got attracted to the Indian classical dance and asked my father to let me take some classes for it. Firstly, it was very difficult for me to memories all the mudras and to perform them accurately. But with the passage of time and my long determination I step by step turned into a good classical dancer. I then started to perform in the school’s annual function and also participate at various dance competitions. As the fruit of one’s hard work is always sweet I got my reward and in my area  and got to be recognized by a professional dance

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