Freshness for #FirstLove

Recently I started my research about importance of health and nutrition for babies and also why parents do and elders always want to suggest massage for babies using natural remedies and oil. I was completely unaware about the fact the massage oil should have proper amounts of all the nutrients in proper values so that it is effective and take proper skin care for baby. Talking about the massaging oil, it has been found the oil having almond and olive are very successful and are preferred by parents. Thus we should massage with such oil for best for massage and help in best care for skin for babies.

My mother told me that my start of the day when I was a baby used to be with oil massage from my parents and it was their way of wishing them good morning. They considered my health as very important in my life. I was amazed to know from them that how almond and olive have efficiently been used in the massage oils. It has come to my notice that massage oil not only helps in improving bone structure but also improve digestive system and help baby to stay active and healthy. I remember my grandmother used to rely on homemade oil for treating everything related to skin and immune system and giving a massage to my young brother when he was less than two years old. While interacting with her she tells me that massaging helps to cool down body temperature and make skin more radiant and add extra shine to it. Oil massage can be done by all ages from small babies to adults. Oil Massage will add fresh layer of freshness and helps the baby to relax himself. My mom tells that babies feel very happy and content after massage and they do not cry and sleep for hours without disturbing or making any noise. She tells parent should have a habit to massage baby after every six hours as their skin is very sensitive. Baby massage is the key to stay fresh and get baby set up for next day. Skin Dryness is common problem for adolescents and babies. There are also rashes in summer and so baby massage is required. It is common for child to start crying as it like to get the attention and love from parents which are most important thing in the child. Massaging the child makes him calm and gives him rest.

In the end I would add that make sure your baby remains healthy and happy.

“I am participating in the #FirstLove activity at BlogAdda in association withDabur.

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