Ways to Feel #FirstLove

Children and youth are going to be the future of the country and it is important that proper care and medical attention should be provided to children. We all know that babies need medical attention right after their birth and till the age of three years minimum. They must go through regular nutrition assessment and given vaccination as part of preventive healthcare. This is one part of it and other part is taking care of their diet and given them adequate massage so that they remain healthy. It is required that both mother and baby gets massage with oil as it is the most important and critical stage of them. I would put more emphasis to baby massage because since the environment is new for the baby and thus it requires more attention.

The baby gets tired after getting adequate rest and sleep of almost 6-8 hours a day and so massage lays out an important role and gives the baby energy to stay fresh and open up his body muscles.  If you have a new born baby then right before the sleep, I would say to rub his hands and legs with oil such as olive or almond oil so that it gives flexibility to his skin and make his bones strong. As a mother you want to take care of your baby and see his smiling face every day. When I say oil massage for my babysit means enjoying every moment of my life with baby and this gives me satisfaction and happiness. It was not easy for me to handle my baby as he was born light weight and was weak and so I had to take extra care of him. I would always keep the baby in my arms and would try to massage him with oil as per doctor directions twice in a day so that he can sleep and feel comfortable in external environment. I always feel lucky to live with parents in law and have a family which is always there for me and have guided me about the right way to give massage to the baby with oil. I feel their direction and using correct techniques of massaging baby has lead to proper care of my baby and has given him right kind of growth. It is very important for baby to go through oil massage for the development of baby no matter if the baby cries for a while. These are the moments which make my day and enjoy each second of my life.

“I am participating in the #FirstLove activity at BlogAdda in association withDabur.

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