Real Joy of Togetherness

We all are very fond of gadgets and mobile devices. Modern world has just become so advanced now and smart phones have become integral part of our life. We all have become very much dependent on it and have been using them as our lifeline for everything. It has become part and parcel of our life even for very small things. This has led to change in our lifestyle and brought us more connected to virtual world and leaving behind the real connection with people. Our feelings and emotions are being expressed more through keyboard rather than giving a real hug. The real joy of togetherness which was there few years ago is not the same anymore. Earlier during my childhood period, me and my family would sit together and chat for hours and at that time. We had so many hobbies and fun activities together and would meet our relative frequently.

There is a need to stay away from technology for some time and this can be done by doing small changes in our lifestyle and revive togetherness in life. We can deactivate our face book account and change our mind to things which we can do without using technology at large. Then I think organizing a cricket match and calling all friends to the nearby park would be a great idea to stay active and have a good time. It will help to be in the fresh environment and also build bonding with friends and cousins. We usually use e-commerce websites for shopping all the products and this has decreased our physical movement for a while. We can plan an outdoor trip with our family to do shopping in open market as we did few years ago. It can be full of fun and also help in spending time together and help in better mutual understanding for each other.

Travelling with family and relatives is the best way to enjoy and have real joy of togetherness. It helps to give chance to everyone to speak out to each other and bring change in thought process. I remember in school days when I was visiting different places and having a good time with family and it helped me to reduce both physical and mental stress. I really feel lucky to get opportunity to travel with my mother and family members to travel to Jammu and Kashmir and Katra. It is the environment and fresh air plus the natural surroundings which motivates everyone to walk hundred of footsteps to the shrine. I think that we should all come out of our digital world and have some outdoor fun. There is lot more to it in terms of adventure, excitement, emotions and having leisure time. We can have a family get together and enjoy each other company by setting certain goals and do certain activities. I would like to prepare some good delicious food from cook book and also help my parents to water the plants in my home garden. This is the best way to get together in life and enjoy it.

Here is another brilliant video which demonstrate the power of real joy of togetherness.